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Hey guys, two things!

1) Don't forget the ACTIVITY CHECK

You have until the 23rd to post your activity until you're out! A list of usernames that don't qualify or still need to post a new entry to save themselves will be posted as soon as us mods get it organized.

2) People have been asking, so I'm sorry for not posting this sooner ~_~ But! Here's your answer:

About Reserves:

After much deliberation and discussion, we've decided to get rid of reserves. What with how short the application period is nowadays, to allow reserves would be incredibly unfair, since it's so easy for someone to reserve for most of/the entire period and not app at all. Having a section of the application period where no reserves are allowed would be acceptable, but it would complicate matters and be unfair, and disallowing reserves during the app period entirely would likely cause complaints like it did before.

Thus, instead of reserves, we will have an Application Interest page.

What does this mean?

-It will function much like the reserve page does now; potential appers post to it to show that they are interested in applying for a certain character of a certain fandom.

-The difference is that more than one person can "reserve" the same character. We will judge each application as fairly as possible and pick the most qualified to join the game.

-If two (or more) people reserve a character, we will wait until all applications have been submitted to judge them.

-You're not required to use this form, HOWEVER. The only way to ensure that we'll wait for all applications to be submitted is, obviously, to say you'll be applying.

-It works as a first-come, first-served basis. We'll still be judging applications during the cycle, so if you plan to apply for a character and someone else has already submitted an application, RESERVE FIRST. Otherwise we may not notice that your application has been submitted before we judge the first one.

-they will automatically be cleared out at the end of the application cycle. If you want to say you're apping in the next cycle, you can do so two weeks before the cycle starts. They'll also be open during the application cycle, so that means three weeks to "reserve".

Basically, here's a summary of it (this is assuming all the applications are good enough to be accepted):

Player A wants to play Character X. Player A reserves Character X and submits an application. Mods reach the application for Character X when no other reserves have been submitted for that character. Player A's application is accepted.

Players A and B want to play Character X. Players A and B reserve Character X. Mods reach Player A's application; if Player B has submitted an app, both are judged and the best one is accepted. If Player B has not submitted an app, mods wait until Player B's app is in. If Player B fails to submit an app before the application cycle closes, Player A's app is then accepted.

Players A and B want to play Character X. Player A reserves; Player B does not. Mods reach Player A's application; if Player B has submitted an app, we will judge both if we know it's there! If we aren't aware of B's app, A is accepted.

So again, if you're going to app a character and someone else has already shown interest, you'd better follow their lead or hope you have a lot of luck on your side.

Hopefully this'll make it so that everyone gets a fair chance to apply.

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You always did, man. And yet I haven't seen one damn cup of coffee appear on my desk.
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Masa, stop deluding yourself. You know you're my minion. Now go deal with Laura and Alisa. They're being loud in the newbie box again. Something about celebrating that they won't be newbies soon.

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Man. The newbie box is going to be so crowded...
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We may need to invest in a second one.


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Maybe we could fit more in there if we got rid of the spikes on the side.
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That's silly, Masa.

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I know, I know. But admit it, for a second there I had you going.
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Maybe we could get rid of the pitfalls.

...Or maybe we can start storing them in the pitfalls!

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If they were to clear out all the dead bodies first, they'd have plenty of room! A whole two inches to move about, I bet.
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Four inches, actually!

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These new people are getting it too easy. I think we've gone soft.
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We'll have to step it up a notch, man. Maybe add some flames and spinning blades.

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Okay, hear me out. What if the flaming woodchipper was inside the newbie box?
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Masa, my good man. That is brilliant!
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/throws party

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Could you explain that last one of if someone reserves and someone doesn't and they both app again? I'm not sure I understand it.
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Okay, so let's say Joe reserves Mario today and apps him on the 27th. Bill pops up on the 29th and apps Mario and doesn't reserve. If Akai, Ishka, and myself are unaware of this second Mario app, we will consider the first Mario app on it's own. However, if we just happen to be aware with it, we will judge them both equally. But if you do not use the reserve system, you risk the chance of us not noticing the second application.
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Related to this a bit, does Bill basically have the chance to reserve up to when the mods look at Joe's app? So let's say the mods don't get to the app until the 30th, does he have until then to reserve if he meant to and just forgot?

And what if Joe and Bill didn't reserve in that scenario, does it run the same still?
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Bill could reserve up until Joe's app is approved, yeah. In which case we'd wait until Bill either gets his app in or until the cycle is over.

And yeah, exactly the same.

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Lmao, nevermind, I can read. So for the November cycle, we can reserve two weeks prior to the start of the month, basically?
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Here's a tough question... if two apps are in, both are reserved, and both are of equal quality, how will you decide who gets in? Will it be the person who reserved first? Or will you leave it up to trying to judge between quality of two good apps? Or some other criteria?