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We’re going at 88mph here!

Hey guys, it’s time for another modpost! You’ll be doing a bit of traveling for this one!

On September 30th, John will make an announcement to the village that he has a mission for everyone, and one person in particular will be chosen as a catalyst to it all. John will call someone down to his lab and give them an old journal. His instructions will be as follows:
  • do not look at the journal.
  • do not speak to the journal.
  • Deliver the journal to his past self. You’ll know him when you see him. He’s pretty obvious.
  • Await further instructions.

The purpose of this is not explained by John at this time, but he does give everyone further warning: whether you like it or not, you all are going back into the past. (Details about the past in a moment.) The purpose? To deliver his journal to himself… in the past. Why this is so important that it requires sending the entire village back in time isn’t explained, but it will be stressed that it is very important that this step is done. If the journal doesn't make it to the past, then all of this is for nothing. With that in mind, however, if the journal isn't going to be delivered, please let us know.

The one chosen for this task will be decided by RNG sign-ups, but there are a couple parameters for being chosen, so read below if you're interested in signing up:
  • the character should be either a long-term resident or someone halfway trustworthy based on what John would have observed
  • ideally John would only choose someone who will follow his instructions
  • he's a pretty good judge of character, so troll types or people who are OBVIOUSLY going to open the journal at the first opportunity are unlikely to be chosen

You have until September 27th 11:59 PM (23:59) EST to sign-up, and a person will be chosen on September 28th. Use the copypasta below and the sign-up thread in this entry to offer your character up (one per player, please):

Then, on October 1st, characters within Luceti will awaken to find themselves in an entirely different area. Or so it seems, anyway. The houses are new but the style of them is very old-school - no electricity, no fancy appliances, no elevators - and there's only a quarter of them left. Some of the shops are missing, and the whole village looks almost abandoned. Those familiar with Luceti's terrain will find it similar but there's a lot missing.

Click image to enlarge

Something to note is that the barrier is much, much smaller, containing only the village and its immediate surrounding area as seen above. The power cap reduces all abilities to at least 10%.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, surprise! You've all been sent back in time. Several hundred years back, in fact. This is Luceti before it was Luceti - right now, it's nothing more than a refugee camp. As such, they’ll have to blend in as New Feathers, and will be instructed to do so. No worries on having to wear those tacky cotton pants and dresses, though. Those haven’t become standard yet. Thank god for that, it’s getting cold now.

The village is populated by a handful of scruffy NPCs who look like they're still adjusting to this place themselves. Their wings are small, and if you speak with them, you can learn that they've been brought in recently from all different worlds, just like you. Additionally, all characters apped into the game from October 1st onward (until the conclusion of this plot) will be New Feathers of this era.

At the far east side of the village is a building that looks suspiciously like the school as it originally was - smaller and less fancy-looking, but it's obviously important in this time. The building is being used as a town hall of sorts, where meetings and discussions between the residents take place. Within it, characters can find two people of particular interest: the man you now know as John, and Tyr.

Tyr is the vocal and charismatic leader of the village; he's been around for a while, and he's eager to get the newcomers settled and comfortable. He's friendly and heroic in all the right ways, even if he does seem to be missing a couple of screws. Too many deaths, some say. Times have been hard on everyone.

John is the head of the town's budding science division, and in this era he isn't John at all. He goes by Romaeus, and he and his co-workers are studying Shifts 24/7 in an attempt to get everyone safely back to their own worlds. They're all young and confident and haven't lost hope yet. (How little they know!)

The situation within the village is uneasy for the most part; it turns out that beyond their barrier, things aren't going so well here, either. Tensions are rising between the residents of town, their allies, and what they refer to as the Resistance, a group of large-winged people who have lived in this world for much, much longer. (Sound familiar?) Matters between the two groups used to be peaceful, if awkward, but lately the Resistance has been growing impatient and aggressive. Tyr stubbornly believes in forging a long-lasting peace between their people, but he's not stupid, either- everyone is training and preparing for battle, just in case. Things are about to Go Down.

That's where you all come in.

And now to address a few questions we feel might be pertinent here…

1. So how is this all possible?
Glad you asked! John’s been experimenting with time travel as a possible method in his long-standing research project! The time shifts that have been going on are also ultimately a side-effect of what he’s been doing. No science is perfect, after all. Incidentally, this research is what was able to save everyone back on the Zompania draft...

2. Will the journals work? What do the Filial journals look like?
Yes! Even though the journals of this time are more archaic, they both function on the same network. The Lucetians journals are just more secure than the Filial journals of the past. The journals of the past look about the same as Luceti’s journals, except that they are older, there are no names on the cover, tablets on the back or video recording or playback functions.

3. What will be on the journals?
WHOLE LOTTA NOTHIN. All past entries from Luceti’s networks are completely gone - this means no Guide for New Feathers, no older entries from people, it’s an entirely blank slate.

4. What about the barrier?
It’s the old barrier, so it has a 10% power cap. Enjoy being nerfed. It also hasn’t had the technology the modern day barrier is known for, so there aren’t any stars in the sky, and the weather is all natural.

5. What about housing?
There are some houses unoccupied, one community housing (5 floors) finished and one community building underway, plus evidence of future building plans like pathways and empty lots awaiting construction. The first two floors are finished, but the Filials would appreciate a hand in getting the top three done - and then it’s open for living, too. The community housing layout is here, but mostly notably there is no kitchen/dining area, but another apartment. Kitchenettes (with old appliances, wood burning stove, no fridge, etc.) are available in each apartment and house, but laundry needs to be done the old-fashioned way. Sign up for housing using GoogleDocs here.

6. What can we take with us?
Your journals, any weapons, and the clothes on your back, basically. If you can carry something important to you in your pockets, go for it, but keep items to a minimum. Pets should stay at home, but pets such as Pokemon, which are used for battle, can be brought along. If you don’t take them along, well… You’ll just have to cross that bridge when you get to it.

7. How will the journal delivery go--or what if we don’t want to do what John asks?
  • Well, to start with, you’re going to the past, whether you like it or not to complete this one task, but just because a character is chosen for this task does not mean they are absolutely required to follow through with it. (But they should anyway.)
  • If the journal is opened, John will know about it. He will also remember. Jerks. So if the journal is opened, please let us know so we can let you know what is inside it.
  • As the journal delivery is something that will affect all the players and the plot of the game, whether it’s passed or not should probably be discussed before a decision is made. This can be done ICly, OOCly, and/or both.
  • Once the journal is passed (or not, but why wouldn’t you?), the next phase will begin within a set number of days.

8. What do people not involved in the delivery do?
Go crazy, have fun, meet people, do stuff. There will be more to do in upcoming days, but for now your character just travelled back in time. How cool is that? By the way, this time period hasn’t yet established the restocking technology you’ve come to expect from the shops in the modern day. The NPCs have worked out a system that works to keep everyone going well enough, but with an extra 300 mouths to feed, clothe, house and arm, they may just need some help. So feel free to go hunting, work the land, finish off that community building or just help in the stores!

9. What about death penalty removals?
Death penalty removals will be available as normal within a few days of arriving in the past and handing the journal over to John. Requests will work as normal - that is, you still need to OOCly sign up on the removal post.

10. What about the characters that are apped in this month?
John will have set up a shift a shift to redirect any new arrivals brought in during this time to the past along with you all. Please make sure not to leave them behind when everything is said and done!

11. Can we canon-update a character during this plot?
Sorry, no.

12. Is this seriously all there is to this event? Just a journal delivery quest?
...You’re cute. No, things are just getting started. We’ll be delivering more details on what comes next later. Just keep your pants on in the meantime.

If there are any other questions, please point them toward the mod comment below.

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