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time keeps on slipping slipping slipping

Eyes forward, Lucetians! More information for the upcoming event in this post. The event that's happening in a couple of days, remember?

On the 30th, John will be making an announcement as mentioned in the previous mod post with two things in mind: one, that y'all are going back in time, and two, that Rin Okumura has been selected to meet with him in the Battle Dome. This is where the journal (and instructions) will be passed on to him. The delivery man has a couple of choices, then:
  • to discuss the journal/mission with his fellow villagers or not
  • to open the journal or leave its tantalizing secrets untouched seriously open it
  • to deliver the journal or not

So if the rest of you guys want to hear about it or open the journal, you know, start the bullying.

John will kindly give warning as to when the time travel will begin, with sirens screaming from the journals at 6:23 in the morning on October 1st. (That's after his coffee and ricecake time.) Hope you got ready the night before! There is no drama or fanfare involved in the transportation - one moment, you'll be at home or in bed (but hopefully not because then you'll be a New Feather in pajamas, gosh), and the next moment you will find yourself several hundred years in the past, with your neighbours and only whatever gear or weaponry you could carry with you.

In the previous entry we answered some questions already, and some were answered on Plurk as well, so click the link above to find the former and for the latter:

So what's there to do again?
Aside from delivering the journal and establishing contact with the natives, and what was described in the previous post, there are a few things that characters will potentially be available to do. If they get buddy-buddy with the past organization within town, they could potentially work on developing equipment or hunting down resources to make Luceti a better place to live. Additionally, there might just be a field trip in your future… hands up if you're an established cartographer…!

In the past, was there indoor plumbing?
Yes, there will be indoor plumbing with hot water. This isn't the dark ages, we promise! No outhouses in this era. (Unless you really want to crap in the woods. We don't judge.)

Should we leave our pets behind or not?
Pets are guaranteed safety ONLY if they are left behind, but you can still take a risk and bring them along. We aren't enforcing any pet death for those who decide to drag them along, so it depends on what, ICly, your character would decide to do.

Where will my character be living again?
Wherever you want them to! Go claim a house/apartment here so we all know where we'll be! As a reminder, the village layout is here and the community housing layout is here. Additionally, the Luceti characters are not the only residents in this time - there will be NPCs who will be living in the surrounding apartments. Get to know your weird old-time neighbours. :|b

What NPCs will be living there?
Aside from the mod-controlled NPCs, we have a spreadsheet here (using the Past Luceti tab) where players have created NPCs in the past from other worlds. Feel free to create some for this era, too! (As a reminder, player-created NPCs can come from character canon worlds OR be OCs, but they should not be existing characters in canon already, just background characters.)

If you have more questions you hadn't thought of yet, ask them in the thread below.

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