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Activity Check

Hello friends, back from hiatus-land and ready to roll out the


Yep it's that time again. Please read through the details carefully!

To make sure everyone knows what they're doing, here's how it's done:

1) Comment listing each of your characters in the following format:

It would be really helpful if you guys included the date the activity starts at. We check every one, but it helps us keep track of those who need to talk to us. \o

2) You must link to current or recent activity. You can show the following:

a) a recent entry you've posted
b) a log you've participated in/are working on
c) a thread involving your character


  • A POST
  • A LOG

Yes, you can post more than one entry, yes, you can post an entry and a thread or two. It can be any combination of posts and threads that you want. If a single post has the required 30 comments, that's enough; if you use threads, though, we'd like at least two. Just to see if you're threading around a bit. Top tags with multiple threads below it can count as 1 link AND 2+ threads. So hey, score for those on event logs.

BASICALLY WE WANT NO MORE THAN THREE LINKS PER CHARACTER OKAY. How you use those options is totally up to you.

3a) Activity that qualifies should fall between September 15th and October 15th. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THESE DATES. We do offer a little leeway to people with posts like, the day before if the threads carry into the month or something, too, though. (The extreme limit of this is the 1st of the month, and there must be a fair amount of comments in the AC period on the late entry for it to qualify.) Don't worry, we accept backtagged threads as long as the tags themselves fall between AC dates!

3b) That same leeway on a lack of activity mentioned above applies to characters who are newly introduced to the game. If you are a new player or have a new character and have yet to get any (or enough) activity to pass AC, just write "new character" in the activity section of your comment, and you'll be fine. PLEASE POST TO THIS ENTRY, THOUGH, UNLESS YOU ARE ON HIATUS. This is how we keep track of who is actively in the game. You won't get kicked if you don't, but it does help us stay organized!

4) If a player has commented to the Hiatus post and their hiatus is still valid, their characters will not be removed. Also, if you had a hiatus during the AC dates listed above, but you're not on hiatus now, don't stress about it! We don't expect people to instantly rack up their 30 comments after coming off a big hiatus. So if that's why you don't have enough, just let us know. Thanks!

5) If your activity doesn't fall between those dates and you're not on hiatus, you must contact one of the mods. Please, please do this. Just let us know what's up; we're usually pretty lenient, we just like to see characters interacting, not getting sat on. If you don't post valid activity and you don't talk to us, your character will be removed regardless of whether or not you post here. You can PM our accounts, e-mail, IM, whatever. I recommend you PM our accounts and not the mod journal, however. We don't check for PMs as often.

6) If you do not post here when not on hiatus your character(s) will be removed from the roleplay. The only exceptions to this rule are new characters from the most recent app cycle. We still want you to post to this entry (see #3b above) but you won't be kicked if you don't. (This actually helps us catch usernames not on the friend add/remove, so give us a hand here, friends!)

7) Since we've had problems in the past where people have breezed through activity checks by posting, speaking with a mod, and then falling back into inactivity again, characters who don't qualify must create new activity before the AC is over! Either post an entry or do a few threads, but you must link to your new activity and prove that you're playing the characters again. We will be following up on this, and if you don't show some activity, you will be removed. No more skirting by, sorry.

The activity check will last until the end of the 23rd. We'll announce this a few more times before the cut-off date, so keep an eye out!

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