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Watch out, it's tiiiime for an event

Listen up Luceti, because here’s what’s going down!

On the 21st, the meeting with Romaeus and Julia occurred, followed immediately (after Q&A) by a town meeting. At that meeting, the following issues were discussed:
  • tensions with the Resistance are rising and growing violent
  • some scouts have disappeared or been killed, and the cause is unconfirmed but suspected as the Resistance themselves
  • plans are being developed to end the fighting peacefully and more information will be available next week
  • everyone should start preparing themselves for a long-term conflict JUST IN CASE, which means staying armed and vigilant, and rationing food carefully
  • a follow-up meeting within the week will occur

On the 26th, that follow-up meeting happens. You can find it here.


The morning of the 27th, the barrier around the enclosure will drop. Aside from those chosen for the mission headed for the Resistance base, characters will have the freedom to explore the rest of the world as they please. The mission to the Resistance base will be chosen via randomizer and there is a limited number of slots open, so please sign up here. The mission requires people who can negotiate and convince Theo to come back to Luceti, a combat team to protect them, and a possible stealth team if they need to sneak him out. How the mission runs depends on the characters' IC choices, so please tell us what your character can specialize in on the sign-up. The outcome of the mission will be discussed on a second post for the chosen group.

Sign-ups run until October 29th, 11:59PM EST.


Romaeus has made available a list of resources he needs in order to build equipment for the future- specifically, the Shifting equipment required to send everyone back to their own timeline. Each continent has a list of resources that Romaeus needs (seen below) and since the name of the game is the more the merrier, go grind for item drops and tell us below what your characters will bring back here. (This does not need to be filled in right away, just whenever it happens!)

So, without further ado, ladies and gents, I give you: Luceti's world.

Click to enlarge.

The only downside, as you can see, is that it's pretty bare. It's big and open and free and- ...full of rocks and trees (and water)! Methods of travel available for explorers are ATVs for crossing terrain and motorized boats for crossing the seas. Ocean crossings take about 5 days from continent to continent by boat to give you an idea of the world's size. Transportation to the boats will be done via teleport, so hooray for less walking. Once on the boats, however, there are a few things you can do if you're keen on exploring the place.

Key features:
  • The red dotted line is the route taken to bring Theo back, which is being discussed in the NPC post linked above
  • Enclosures are as-yet unnamed towns much like Luceti itself, small and sparsely populated, and about the same level of technology. These towns will have barriers, so try not to crash into any of them, okay? That could hurt. From above, people will be visible, doing their day-to-day tasks and just living their lives as per usual, but communication would be difficult through the barrier.
  • The coastal enclosure is an open port with no barrier and ships available for people who want to explore beyond Luceti's continent. Priority will be given to the mission group, but there might just be extra boats. Try haggling with the fishermen or something.
  • There is an old abandoned settlement to the north of Theo's base, composed of very primitive structures and equipment. The area is overgrown and it looks like the area was stripped clean a long, long time ago. Not much to find, but an interesting slice of history.
  • Resources: latte machine (from the enclosure nearest Luceti; Romaeus needs his coffee, someone get to work on that), iron bamboo (south-west forest), unicorn horn (far south-east forest; pure maidens only, sorry)

  • This area is the main territory of the resistance and should be avoided by those who aren't part of the mission, as outside interference could screw the whole thing up.
  • Agora is an established town without a barrier that is much older and more developed than any of the enclosures. It is populated almost entirely by large-winged people, and the atmosphere of the town itself is tense and uneasy. Political changes within the Resistance have made everyone really uncomfortable with the small-winged residents of the world, so visitors to Agora won't be especially welcome. Additionally, if a large number of people start poking around the town and asking questions, things might get violent.
  • Resources: black sand (west side beach)

  • This continent is for the most part unpopulated and unexplored; it is an unwelcoming desert area, rich with mining opportunities that the harsh climate is concealing.
  • Characters who have in the past visited R'Car might find it familiar, though no housing or landmarks exist at this time.
  • Resources: ribavius ore (central desert)

  • This area mainly consists of grasslands, forests, and huge, sweeping mountain terrain. Being one of the largest continents, the region's temperature and weather varies quite a bit; south will be similar to Luceti's area, but the northern area can be very cold and unforgiving. The furthest north is almost entirely covered in mountains and snow, with frequent storms, making the area unpleasant and completely untamed.
  • The area closest to continents 1 and 5 have a number of waystations scattered so explorers can find shelter and tools to help with their traveling.
  • Resources: Celcius Tear (northern foothills), adamantium ore (mountains), retro diodes (southeastern coasts), and Lewisia Silver flowers (southeastern grasslands), beast hides (west forest; any beasts will do)

  • Much like #4, this area is mostly mountains and forest terrain. Being further south it's quite a bit warmer, and thus has been more easily explored; there are more rest/supply areas but strangely enough no large established towns.
  • Nomads in small groups populate this area here and there, and the wing sizes vary for once, though rarely do two groups work together. Residents maintain the supply depots and make use of them, so if you bunk down for the night you might have to fight for a blanket with your neighbour. For the most part, though, they just want to be left alone and stay far away from the conflicts brewing on their neighbouring continent.
  • The center of this continent consists primarily of rainforests, unforgiving jungles with high temperature and moisture levels. Avoid the insects, god only knows what they're carrying...
  • Sirry Crags is a landmark that some might find especially familiar; it's a popular mission location and was one of the first places outside of Luceti made available to characters.
  • Resources: mythril (east edge of mountains), Moon Stone (north-west mountains)

  • This area is at the base of the world, and is a lot like Antarctica; desolate, cold, deserted by all except wildlife.
  • Resources: monsters with incredible bone properties (northern coast)

Here are answers to some questions that people have asked us:

Do the journals work outside the barrier?
The network doesn't depend on distance, so characters should still be able to communicate while traveling. Natural Shifting outside of the barrier might mess with the functions somewhat, so responses might be slow or glitchy ("can you hear me now??") if you want to utilize the magic of bad timing or crap reception, but otherwise it's business as usual. However, the journals cannot be used to contact other enclosures as the network is still Luceti-restricted.

Is the power cap still in effect?
With the barrier dropped, the power cap will be gone, meaning characters will be back to 100% capacity. Certain powers are still naturally disabled (such as like, cross-dimensional travel) but otherwise any power should be fair game. If you're not sure if your character can or cannot do something, ask in the Q&A thread below.

What, if anything, is written on the tunnel wall? Are there any more examples of what's written there?
Some of the previous given examples are already decorating the walls, such as the following notes:

“C + D Forever”
“i miss you mommy, please come back soon, okay??”
“You can take my memories, but my mark on this world is forever.”
“ [drawing of a stick-figure family (or perhaps a group of friends?), standing under a tree.] ”
“I’m losing myself. Every single day. There will be nothing left of me when this is over.”

Some messages that were previously undiscovered (perhaps because they’re written in obscure corners, or because they’ve long since faded) include messages such as the following:

“I’m afraid I’ll forget what the old world was like. Maybe the walls can remember for me.”
[Listed below, with the items written at the top beginning to fade, while the items written farther down appear fresher:]
“[messy sketches of several faces with names written below and labels such as “sister”, “like a father”, “dearest friend”, etc.]”
“Loving you is easy because cats”
“Sundays were important. Reading and pie. Sometimes apple, usually rhubarb.”
[and so on with inane details]

“I took a walk by the river and epiphanized that we are not young only once”

“[a doodle of a jewel]
“My love is like a red, red rose
“If I were red too, would you love me back?”

“I want to break free”
[Below, in a different hand:] “Who here actually knows the name Freddy Mercury?”
[and a rather pitiful tally underneath]

“I just want them back on our side”
[Scrawled below:] “I don’t want there to be any ‘sides’!!”

As usual, ask questions below and sign up if you dare!

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