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Keep Moving Forward...!

As a slightly-less-depressing follow up to the last mod post, we're working on closing off the current plot and getting ourselves back on track, two men down. Our most sincere apologies for the delays on this; if you can envision chickens with their heads cut off, that's us the past week and a half. (Fits the wing motif, eh, eh!?) But all we can do is keep calm and carry on! While flailing madly and dying.

For starters, as announced on Plurk earlier today, Theo is now available for negotiation talks on the mission log. Talks will be ongoing, but to avoid a handful of people controlling the outcome and leaving the rest of you to twiddle your thumbs, we've got some options for you all.

( [personal profile] lucetimods is a free account or I'd create actual polls, sorry! )


  • option 1: negotiation succeeds! Theo joins the group willingly and returns to the Luceti enclosure peacefully.
  • option 2: negotiation succeeds! But his comrades protest and cause a fight.
  • option 3: negotiation fails! Theo must be stolen quietly from the camp.
  • option 4: negotiation fails! Everything goes to hell and they have to grab Theo and flee or die screaming. AKA the "Romaeus is disappoint" option.

The power is yours! Obviously 1 would be the easiest to handwave if you guys are tired of time travel shenanigans and 2 would be a success for everyone involved, but the choice is yours. (If no majority is found, we can RNG it or dive straight into the chaos option just to drive you all crazy.)


  • option 1: handwavey shift magic means the spirit shenanigans will end when the barrier goes back up.
  • option 2: FINAL BOSS MODE. The outside spirits combine into a big mess of elements, and those who have connections to the Luceti-native spirits have to pull a Captain Planet to separate and appease them until the barrier's back.

Same as above- if you just want all this nonsense to end already, #1 is the simplest. Option 2 is a good excuse for a ruckus. (Since this can be an isolated incident, if enough people say they want a fight, we'll just do it and people can ignore it at their leisure.)

REGARDLESS OF CHOICES, the mission group is assumed to have left Theo's base by the 10th, 11th at the latest, and should return in time for the barrier to go back up on the 18th. All world explorers will be called back and should be back inside the barrier by that day. Characters will return to the future on the morning of November 20th.

And speaking of the future- we will begin accepting apps from former characters around that time, and one of the options of said returning characters is (due to the alterations from past to future) to act as if they never left Luceti. Those returning can feel free to use it as an excuse to avoid the awkward "arrival" posts and just jump right into the action. This is optional, however, if you'd prefer dramatic reunions on both sides of your CR.

That's all for now. Vote, comment, ask questions! But the sooner we know what you want, the sooner we can put these choices into motion.

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