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I knew you all were the violent sort

Greetings, all!

So due to an overwhelming collective agreement that both option #2s are preferable, that's what we're going with. That means that:


As stated, negotiations with Theo will succeed, but his entourage will take offense to their leader being captured by the enemy, as they perceive it. The mission team won't be able to convince them otherwise, so a fight breaks out. They fight much like your typical Third Party foot soldier, although their weapons are in better condition and they're not seasoned killers yet. They are, however, extremely devoted, so their desperation makes up for killing instinct.

As a sidenote, if you choose to have your character die in this fight, they can still come back to life before the gang all goes back to the future. Death penalties are in effect as usual but with Romaeus around full-time they would only be in effect for 2-3 days.


As mentioned in this post, the spirits have been making a mess of the village for a while and getting progressively worse about it. Well, apparently they've all had enough of the kid stuff and are ready to cause some real problems.

Starting today, clusters of 2-5 spirits will begin gathering in areas about the village and joining forces to create visible, tangible monsters of their respective elements. For example:

  • a plague spirit and weather spirit combine to a monster that literally sickens anyone it touches
  • gravity, pest, and wildlife spirits create become a man-shaped tornado of hovering rats, wasps, and frogs
  • a rage spirit and an animal spirit join forces to cause a stampede of possessed angry bears
  • light and darkness spirits create a blinding eclipse

And so on, and so forth. Feel free to be creative with other combinations. But how does one fight spirits like this? Well, the first step you can take is to try and destroy or stop the tangible items they're composed of. Knock out the bears, spray the wasps, put on some solar glasses and give the eclipse the finger. This is only likely to force the spirits to find other ways to fight (eg. find other tangible objects or creatures), so for a more permanent solution...

Those who have existing connections with the spirits might notice that the home-grown spirits are getting tired of the chaos and have settled down. They've had a fun party, but now they're all sobered up and the outside invaders are still messing with their territory, so they want them out. These outside spirits must be expelled before the barrier can go back up, however.

To resolve this, characters can commune with the spirits in their usual way- go to the places where the spirit's influence is the strongest, establish a solid connection, and with the barrier down, the power of the spirits will be stronger than it's ever been. After that, the spirits will guide them to find others who have an element that either complements their own (such as water and lightning, fire and light, etc) or opposes the enemy spirit combo they're trying to fight (Faeran and Kipinn would be good opponents for a gravity tornado of bugs, for example). Once spirits and characters have joined forces, they can confront the enemy spirits and either fight them or drive them out of the village.

The exception to this is Twila: still angry from its imprisonment, Twila will have to be defeated or convinced to behave and separated from the outside spirits before it will be willing to help fight other spirits. Also, those with connections to Twila can convince it to switch sides. Twila will only cooperate if it is promised freedom. If a character connected to Twila goes near the tunnels, it will get angry with them, and if that character goes in their connection with Twila will be broken.

If you choose to have your character die from a spirit attack, they would be gone for the rest of the week, but Romaeus would send them to the future once they return. As he would do this immediately after their revival, the death penalty would be in effect until they contact future Romaeus/John as per usual.

Questions about any of the above can be asked below! Also, if you want new logs for either, please ask for them to be made! The existing logs aren't overloaded with activity so feel free to just add on to them instead. Alternatively, if you want to make your own logs, go for it!

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