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so you accidentally slept with your great-great grandma

Hey everyone, guess what? It's the 20th of November!! That means, as per the previous mod post, the time travel plot is officially wrapped up and everyone should now be shifted back to the future! Congratulations on a job well done, everyone. We're all very proud.

Characters will arrive to find the village mostly the same, appearance-wise, aside from the changes done in the past that stuck. Please specify changes done in a thread below so we can make appropriate updates to the map! Also, there might be some new people around. As mentioned before, returning characters (and holy crap are there ever a lot of them) have the option of altering their histories so that they never actually left Luceti. To do so, of course, some updated history is required… and that's where this post comes in!

Below you can find a list of timeline changes. This is by no means a complete list, and more will be added as we get questions and think of more relevant stuff. Also, an NPC post will go up some time in the (hopefully near, but bear with us here) future as an event follow-up. In the meantime, have fun with your reunion party! A log should be posted shortly. (If anyone has difficulty accessing or posting to it, please ping a mod ASAP.)


  • the Malnosso as it existed previously never formed. Romaeus (who has never in this timeline used the name John), Julia (who was never Rem either), and Theo (who never became the cultist general thanks to the mission) formed an organization called World of Their Future (in honour of those sent to save the existence of, well, everyone), a peaceful international group devoted to furthering the science that will bring the world closer towards a lasting peace. This is the organization now responsible for running the enclosures and keeping the populace safe and provided for. Each leads a separate division:
    • Romaeus is the head of Development and Research, which studies Shifting, natural and artificial, and searches for a permanent way to escape the world.
    • Julia runs the Resources and Enclosure Maintenance department, responsible for food supply, relaying of information (sometimes through the ANI system), and communication between all branches of the organization.
    • Theo runs the Peacekeeping and Enforcement Patrol, which is a militia/police group focused on protecting the residents and the organization, either from outside issues or, if necessary, resolving problems within the world's various enclosures. He's back to being the general, but in a good way this time.

  • The cultists are all but wiped out. Without Theo to turn the tide and guide the resistance along the path of mass sacrifices, the group floundered and most of them joined up with the combined efforts of Romaeus and Tyr's new organization. Some of them felt they had gone too far to turn back, and over the years others have been led towards that conclusion, either by propaganda or spirit possession, but overall the threat from their ideals is minimal and sacrifices are almost unheard of. As a result, Drafts have been erased from history, replaced on very rare occasion by missions to fight small groups of cultists or deal with especially troublesome wild spirits. For the most part, the world is at peace, allowing the former Malnosso organization to focus on research.

  • Shifts within Luceti (and other enclosures) still happen, and in the past have happened. Either from the barrier going down or the organization experimenting with Shift technology, many of the Shift-based events of the past still happened. The organization is very apologetic and openly communicates when a known Shift is going on, but these things do happen, sorry! And really, it's a small price to pay for free food and shelter, as well as protection from the natural shifts beyond the barrier.

  • Abductions/Kidnappings no longer occur. Sometimes characters will be asked to voluntarily come to the organization for light testing, but it's no more invasive than a doctor's visit and it helps with their research. This is not enforced, though volunteers are rewarded for their assistance. (Sort of like mission points.) All past rewards characters have received can be credited to this or helping with Theo's peacekeeping efforts.

  • Speaking of, the barrier is no longer as impermeable as it used to be. The technology has been modified to allow barcoded individuals to pass freely in and out of the enclosure they originated from. Passing into other enclosures is limited to when the tech is adjusted to allow for it (AKA past events where enclosures may have visited another during times of crisis) and natural shifting and wild spirits make it dangerous to leave one's enclosure long-term, but freedom to explore the world is now available to everyone. There have been occasions in the past when the barrier has sealed everyone in (and this occurs when experiments are run, so that results can be studied) but for the most part it's open. We'll have an updated map with all the enclosures currently in existence some time in the near future, as well as important landmarks.


    • Bilirubin is an active member of World of Their Future serving as a representative of Romaeus's team where his more jovial and friendly personality gives a more personal touch, as opposed to Romaeus and his stiffer personality. Unsurprisingly, he still managed to turn himself blue. His own personal research towards relocating large winged individuals in the world is nearing completion.

    • The Commandant works under Theo as his second in command- she's a lieutenant-general now, though. She isn't really in open communication with enclosures due to Theo being much more charismatic, but she's been seen on missions.

    • Specialist Davis is still around, though has little to do with the enclosures. In fact, both he and Carol retired from the organization to work on their family!

    • Zompano is under extreme lockdown. A few years ago he did manage to escape and cause trouble by changing the memories of those in the Luceti enclosure, but he was swiftly brought down and locked up again.

    • Cave Johnson never even made it into management. He now runs a used automobile dealership in Desset City instead.

    • That NPC you care way too much about went on to finish his sixth doctorate and cure wing cancer. (Yes, that’s a thing here!)

    • Jacob never stopped mopping floors… or did he? Come to think of it, no one's heard from that guy in years. Huh.

    • Tyr is also conspicuously absent. He's never actually been a presence in Luceti during the last seven years, so no one noticed him going missing. He's still a bit of a legend, of course, but details are scarce.

    Now, I'm sure you're wondering: how does this affect my character? Well, it depends.

    Your existing memories and physical conditions (eg. scars from old drafts that no longer happened) should still remain the same. The information above would be known world history, what's explained in any written or verbal guide for the world, and what every NPC and enclosure resident would believe to be true, but it's certainly not what you remember happening.

    You have the freedom to remember Luceti as it was when you were part of it, however world events would seem much fuzzier and harder to remember than normal character interactions, and it would conflict with the state of the world so much it might just feel wrong to remember things like drafts and cultists and such. Especially when hardly anyone else seems to remember it, either. Physically, you can be the same as you were or as you should be without drafts and wars and such. Your choice.

    The history described above is the only one you've ever known. Anything else would feel, at best, like a dream you had of a much less pleasant world. Any physical changes or mental scars from drafts should be gone or have alternate reasons for existing.

    Physical conditions mentioned above can also mean Death Penalties, though characters are openly encouraged to get those fixed ASAP before endgame. Those who decide not to have them fixed will be brought in forcefully prior to the final event, so please let us know if this will be an issue.

    If you have any questions about the world as it is now, please ask! We'll add relevant stuff to the top post as it comes up.

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