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Luceti Mods ([personal profile] lucetimods) wrote2015-04-16 03:19 am
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AMA - Ask Me Anything

This is it. The end. The final mod post.



Luceti has pretty much come to an end - and thank you all for making it freaking STELLAR, despite the lag in it actually happening - and because of that, we've done our best to tie up all the loose ends and give as many answers as made sense for the finale. But for some, understandably, that might not be enough.

So. Is there anything you've been dying to know for years? Some mystery that made no sense to you (and was hopefully not just bullshit on our part)? Some tangle of plot you'd like unraveled? This, here, is your chance.

Ask away! I will try my best to satisfy your curiosity. Though I reserve the right to shrug my shoulders and go "IDK I FORGET" because seven years is a very long time >_> Also I might try to bully answers out of past mods for stuff I'm unsure of.

But either way, this could be fun :D Come pick the modly brains!

Also, uh, feel free to use this as a final HMD if you have any issues with endgame. There are reasons for certain things happening, some of which were out of mod control, but feedback is always good.

Once again, thanks everybody for making this awesome <3 Gonna miss all of you.

Rest in peace, dorky little wing game.

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