Aug. 28th, 2014

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Hello Lucetians! A few things to announce:

1) Please hover-add [personal profile] searches_forhim or manage_circle add_read searches_forhim here, as our Jane Foster was removed during AC and her appeal was accepted. Woo!

2) We're well past due (for which we all apologize!), so it’s time for a good ol’ fashioned planned (we hope) shift! Welcome, one and all to good ol U of L (that’s University of Luceti to you, bub) and it’s the first week of class. For some, that might mean meeting up with old friends, comparing class schedules, preparing for the fall term slog. For others, it’s the start of a brand new life--who will your roommate in housing be? Where do you even buy toothpaste? And let’s not forget the grad students, eating instant noodles in their subterranean offices and weeping as they read roll sheets for the class sections they have to teach if they don’t want to lose their fellowships (oh god, not that guy, I heard he does all his homework in crayon and it smells funny), or the professors, torn from their happy summers filled with field work to get stuffed behind lecterns once more.

Beyond the frantic activity of preparing for that learning thing, there are big social events afoot at UL this week. It’s rush week, so be prepared for endless frat (don’t worry, all the frats are coed!) parties, as well as the time when all of the student organizations and clubs make their first big membership push and run fun events. Fraternities Upsilon Omega and Eta Beta Pi are battling it out to get the most pledges with costume contests, wild parties where underage students will Totally Not Get Any Alcohol We Promise (wink wink), the legendary Running Of The Squirrels, and more.

But even more important, the date of the Feather Bowl has fallen on this Friday, and Luceti’s own football team will be playing on their home turf against their most bitter rivals--Kin’Corra University! (BOO! HISS!)

The KU team has temporarily taken over the Heart community housing building while they prepare for the big game. The place is like a maximum security prison right now, and the KU players are all major jerks. And just to up the stakes even more, rumor has it that whichever university wins the Feather Bowl will snag a major prize--a technology upgrade for the whole school!

Kick spirit week into overdrive, Luceti. Make sure your football players stay safe from sabotage, guard your mascot well, and do what you can to demoralize your hated foes. Don’t forget to rub the shiny, bald head of the statue of Davis near the fountain for luck. Go, fight, win!

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