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Son of Revenge of the Passive Shift


As some of you may have guessed, things aren't going so well in the organization's corner right now, time-wise. Maybe someone pushed the wrong button. (Might've been the intern. Never let interns run their own projects.) Either way, while they're trying to fix things, certain parts of Luceti will be infrequently affected in the meantime. Here's a list of the sort of things you might expect in the coming weeks:
  • Abrupt weather patterns: an area of the village or enclosure might experience a sudden heat wave, or an influx of snow, for example
  • Technology downgrades: modern appliances abruptly and inexplicably disappear, electric fireplaces become wood-burning, fridges become ice boxes
  • Elevators vanish or become stairs
  • Buildings added or modified in the last couple of years may revert to their former selves or disappear entirely
  • Plantlife appears to be in the wrong season; a tree will suddenly have no leaves, non-seasonal flowers will bloom, suddenly vegetables will be temporarily ready for harvest
  • Your idea here--this phase specifically affects the outside environs of the enclosure. Please tell us your suggestions--but keep in mind we may not use them. Or may use them later. (Muahahaha.)

These time-related environmental changes will begin immediately. They can last anywhere between a few seconds to six hours. Where your character is when the changes occur and how they are affected is up to you; if you want to have your character observe the change or stumble upon it, your call. And if you want your character fall down an empty elevator shaft, well…

As always, if there are any questions, go ahead and pop them into the appropriate thread. These changes will continue unabated until after the Draft in late May.

ETA: Sorry for not specifying more explicitly; all of these effects will be time-related.
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Two ideas!

1) Micro-barriers within the village. Some areas are now surrounded by barriers keeping the people in that area in and the people outside that area out. Can be something as large as half of the village is now cut off to each other to something as small as part of a room is inaccessible because a barrier is blocking the door.

2) Gravity shifts. Some areas have higher gravity, some areas have lower gravity.
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Ahh, okay!

How about little bubbles where time moves fast/slower? Where either everything seems to be in slow motion/super sped up OR people inside the bubble don't realize time is moving is at a difference pace. So someone could be in a bubble and it feels like it's only been five minutes but in reality five hours have already passed?
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I have them

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Can we have have other natural phenomena like the Northern Lights, gravity hills, sailing stones, and the like? Or just messing with the star shifts above the enclosure? EDIT: Oh, time related, huh? Maybe save these for later.

Speaking of outside woes, what would our intrepid mission goers discover? Are these things happening in other enclosures... are the Malnosso particulary cranky or worried? Any rumors on the Third Party? Are volunteers more put off with Luceti?

(Sidebar: The Kin'corrans were said to be organizing an inter-enclosure information network. Is that information still viable? I've asked before and was told you guys would talk it over, so I'm curious what's been decided on that)
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Ooooh... excellent. Thank you.
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Is it possible for someone to experience this change as it occurs? EX: Someone steps inside a building and the second they get through the door, the building they were entering has disappeared. Or someone bites into a perfectly ripe fruit only for it to suddenly go bad as they've bitten into it.
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So it was kind of covered in Pilouette's question but just to confirm, food can instantly go bad - or the opposite, revert into its original ingredients or something?

Also I wonder if there can be downgrades like running water being replaced by water pumps/wells, unless this is just supposed to be specific to the way Luceti was before electricity.
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Questions: Isaac has a mage-type devil that can manipulate time. The moment that effect comes into play, everything around a forgemaster is frozen for about five seconds - allowing a forgemaster to dick around and affect things around him - before the spell breaks and time flows normally. In canon there's a boss who screws around with time, freezing it to try and get a free hit in or speeding it up in an attempt to double the damage after poisoning your character. But if a mage devil's time-stop ability is used, any freezing of time caused by the boss will be permanently undone, and in situations where time is sped-up the spell will slow it back to normal.

To make a long story short, could some changes in an area of Luceti be 'undone' using this ability?

And one more unrelated question: so I don't assume, have any of the shops like the Item, Clothing shop, or Grocery suffered technological downgrades?
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Gotchya. Ok, thanks!
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Re: Questions

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Would all the water in the ocean disappearing be acceptable as well?