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Hey everyone, guess what? It's the 20th of November!! That means, as per the previous mod post, the time travel plot is officially wrapped up and everyone should now be shifted back to the future! Congratulations on a job well done, everyone. We're all very proud.

Characters will arrive to find the village mostly the same, appearance-wise, aside from the changes done in the past that stuck. Please specify changes done in a thread below so we can make appropriate updates to the map! Also, there might be some new people around. As mentioned before, returning characters (and holy crap are there ever a lot of them) have the option of altering their histories so that they never actually left Luceti. To do so, of course, some updated history is required… and that's where this post comes in!

Below you can find a list of timeline changes. This is by no means a complete list, and more will be added as we get questions and think of more relevant stuff. Also, an NPC post will go up some time in the (hopefully near, but bear with us here) future as an event follow-up. In the meantime, have fun with your reunion party! A log should be posted shortly. (If anyone has difficulty accessing or posting to it, please ping a mod ASAP.)

For once time travel didn't ruin everything, how unprecedented )

If you have any questions about the world as it is now, please ask! We'll add relevant stuff to the top post as it comes up.
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As a slightly-less-depressing follow up to the last mod post, we're working on closing off the current plot and getting ourselves back on track, two men down. Our most sincere apologies for the delays on this; if you can envision chickens with their heads cut off, that's us the past week and a half. (Fits the wing motif, eh, eh!?) But all we can do is keep calm and carry on! While flailing madly and dying.

For starters, as announced on Plurk earlier today, Theo is now available for negotiation talks on the mission log. Talks will be ongoing, but to avoid a handful of people controlling the outcome and leaving the rest of you to twiddle your thumbs, we've got some options for you all.

( [personal profile] lucetimods is a free account or I'd create actual polls, sorry! )


  • option 1: negotiation succeeds! Theo joins the group willingly and returns to the Luceti enclosure peacefully.
  • option 2: negotiation succeeds! But his comrades protest and cause a fight.
  • option 3: negotiation fails! Theo must be stolen quietly from the camp.
  • option 4: negotiation fails! Everything goes to hell and they have to grab Theo and flee or die screaming. AKA the "Romaeus is disappoint" option.

The power is yours! Obviously 1 would be the easiest to handwave if you guys are tired of time travel shenanigans and 2 would be a success for everyone involved, but the choice is yours. (If no majority is found, we can RNG it or dive straight into the chaos option just to drive you all crazy.)


  • option 1: handwavey shift magic means the spirit shenanigans will end when the barrier goes back up.
  • option 2: FINAL BOSS MODE. The outside spirits combine into a big mess of elements, and those who have connections to the Luceti-native spirits have to pull a Captain Planet to separate and appease them until the barrier's back.

Same as above- if you just want all this nonsense to end already, #1 is the simplest. Option 2 is a good excuse for a ruckus. (Since this can be an isolated incident, if enough people say they want a fight, we'll just do it and people can ignore it at their leisure.)

REGARDLESS OF CHOICES, the mission group is assumed to have left Theo's base by the 10th, 11th at the latest, and should return in time for the barrier to go back up on the 18th. All world explorers will be called back and should be back inside the barrier by that day. Characters will return to the future on the morning of November 20th.

And speaking of the future- we will begin accepting apps from former characters around that time, and one of the options of said returning characters is (due to the alterations from past to future) to act as if they never left Luceti. Those returning can feel free to use it as an excuse to avoid the awkward "arrival" posts and just jump right into the action. This is optional, however, if you'd prefer dramatic reunions on both sides of your CR.

That's all for now. Vote, comment, ask questions! But the sooner we know what you want, the sooner we can put these choices into motion.
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Hey Lucetians, a few announcements for you!

1) Here is this month's friend add-remove, to be copy-pasted here:

2) It wasn't logged or announced previously, but Luceti officially won the Featherbowl, yay! Congratulations to everyone who no longer cares because you're not in college anymore and what is football anyway. /o/ However, there is one perk to this development: the Battle Dome has been upgraded for your convenience. Due to the extensive use the dome gets and the number of people who seem to visit on a daily basis, the rooms have all been split in two (since they were already huge and, like a standard holodeck, has a wacky hammer space system anyway) so the number of available rooms have been doubled. Enjoy!

3) Everyone loved Featherbook, eh? Well, the journals have also received an upgrade as well… sort of. On the back of every journal in town, there is now a stiff cover and a screen on the inside, akin to a tablet. This screen displays nothing but snow and static for the moment (which you can turn off, thankfully), but this will change in the future. Try not to break it, they're very expensive!

4) Son of revenge of the passive shift from the black lagoon! The time shifts will be continued and are INTENSIFYING! (For reference, see previous time shift posts here and here.) Effects may also last longer, from hours to days at the discretion of players.
  • The matrix glitching: witnessing the same event happening multiple times
  • Ghosts: seeing characters that have been in the game in the past (but characters are unable to actually interact with them)
  • Total recall effects re-manifesting
  • Death penalty and Mallynap effects that the character has previously recovered from return!
  • Any time shifting that happened previously can occur again (short of actively time traveling)

These will continue for the foreseeable future.

5) Speaking of future, we have plans! Lots of them! Namely for the month of October. There is an event upcoming (details of which will be provided later) that will cause a serious stir and a LOT of changes around town. For example (a non-exhaustive list):
  • Buildings will change
  • Landscapes will change
  • The technology level may change
  • Missions will be temporarily unavailable
  • Mission points will be temporarily unusable
  • Kidnappings will temporarily cease

These changes are going to stick for a while, but are not permanent. During that time there is the potential for permanent long-term game effects, however, and that will be discussed more as we approach the plot. Because these changes to the town are going to last longer than your average event (approximately 1-2 months) we're announcing it now for this reason:

Whatever you want to do in Luceti as it exists at this time, do it now!

Player plots, mini events, missions, character posts - whatever you want to do. You have until October 1st, just over 2 weeks, to get it done. Certain changes will stick afterwards, so don't expect Luceti to be exactly as-is when it's over, but if you happen to miss your chance to do things now, don't panic. Just be patient.

That's all for now!
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We’ve hinted subtly and not-so-subtly, and I’m sure at this point our gleeful cackling has given us away. That’s right, kids, it’s time for a draft!

Dies irae, dies illa, solvet saeclum in favilla. )

As always, please direct questions to the Mod Questions section!
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the game is over get out April Fools!! oh wait I'm early crap ABORT ABORT

Hey hey, Lucetians! Time for some announcements/maintenance stuff. no pranks today I promise )
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Eyes here, friends, we have ANNOUNCEMENTS! Because who doesn't love announcements.

1) Boring reminder that the latest ACTIVITY CHECK is currently ongoing. A warning list should be posted either later tonight or tomorrow, so keep an eye out. Ends on the 23rd.

2) More importantly, you've all been waiting (im)patiently for it, so here it is: the new mod team! I am proud and pleased to announce that we've chosen Kath and Katsu as our new plot mods, and Kaze as our tech mod. I blame Kyo for the sudden influx of K's to our squad.

And speaking of Kyo, he's been promoted to a full-blown plot mod himself, so join me in clapping for the lot of them! Clapping them in irons, that is. My new servants. Heh heh.

For those unaware, Kath plays Jean from Attack on Titan, Katsu is our local MCU Loki, and Kaze plays Souji, Peggy Carter, Beat, and Walter Bishop (from too many canons to list). All of them are fairly long-term players so they're well-versed in how Luceti is run. We're already hard at work getting ourselves back on track, so stay tuned for future announcements very soon!

Another thank you to everyone who applied! And please treat our new team gently until they settle in <3
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Announcement time! First of all, here's the latest add-remove copy-pasta, to be pasta'd here:

With that out of the way: eyes forward, Lucetians, serious business ahead.

Aforementioned Serious Business )
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Hey everyone, Akai here with some word-vomit for y’all to have a look at. There are several very important announcements and modly business to sort out, so please, eyes here for a few minutes.

First, the boring normal stuff:

A) Friend Add/Remove for this cycle! Copy-paste here.

B) Applications will be opening on December 1st, so now is a good time to start recruiting/kidnapping your friends! As always Reserves are already open. The Test Flight Meme from last month seems to still be active, but if people would prefer, we can certainly post a new one. Just let us know! It might be helpful to run them bi-monthly, anyway.

C) I’m sure most of you have noticed, but in the last week, Masa and Bayley have unfortunately left Luceti, which means that on top of losing two wonderful long-term players, the mod team has lost some heavy hitters in the plot department. Masa especially has been a huge driving force to Luceti’s plot and development over the last couple of years, so while his departure was not entirely a surprise, it has left the rest of us somewhat flummoxed over how to fill the void his presence has left. A lot of the plot developments, NPC interactions, and mission systems were organized by him. So now that it’s up to us, where does that leave the game?

Well… it’ll be interesting.

Define interesting. )
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Hello everyone! Just a quick run down of things for the month. I know things have been a little awkwardly timed, but we’re just trying to find our footing by shifting the schedule around. We’ll get our act together before long.

Locations update and event stuff! )

We’ll see. We’ll have another mod post to give you all the details on that later. For now, stay tuned! Be sure to put your questions in the MOD QUESTIONS thread below!
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Greetings, loved ones. We’ve got an announcement for you today, as well as an event! But first! Let’s see those friend add/removes.

Post these into the admin console! Got that taken care of? In the right journal? Cool, cool. Well done.

Moving right along! We have a fairly major announcement today regarding app cycles. We mods have discussed it, and we have decided that starting in October, apps will be open the first week of EVERY month. You read that right. Gone are the days of having to wait two months to put in your app! Regarding reserves, they will continuously be open, but we’ll clear them out at the end of each app cycle. So, they’ll effectively open immediately following this post, and we’d clear out the current set of reserves after apps close at 11:59 PM EST on October 7. HMD and Activity Check will still take place every other month, as will the Test Flight meme and the Bi-Monthly Round Up. Spread the word! Tell your friends. This is pretty rad, after all.

event )

Mission Follow Up )
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Hey guys, a couple things-

The Boring Stuff: Activity Check is under way! If you have not commented to it, GO FORTH AND DO SO NOW! Also if you don't pass, be sure to talk to a mod and get some new activity going. It ends on the 18th.

The Cool Stuff: The applications have been read, reviewed, debated, pondered, and a decision was finally made. Please join me in welcoming BAYLEY to the mod team!

Bayley is fab and plays Tony, Rapunzel, Korra, and Duck. She'll be helping us with plot, apps, NPCs, and all sorts of other fun stuff.

Y'all be nice to her and respect her authoritah, or else!
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That time has come once more. Do you have the raw nerves to be a mod at Luceti!?

Because WE want YOU (or maybe you) for the Luceti mod team!


And that's it! If you do apply, we appreciate the effort! We really consider this a favor on our behalf and the rest of the game, so thank you for being willing to put that much effort into keeping the RP running smoothly. So really, if this is something you are putting the effort into (or at least want to), then that makes you cool people.

ONE LAST THING. If for some reason we aren't able to pick a suitable candidate for the moderator position, we may choose not to select anyone. If this is the case and you were an applicant, don't take this as a personal slight. There's several considerations we will be taking into account. In the unlikely event that happens, it would be better for us to keep things the way they are.
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Hello everyone! Now that apps are mostly finished, it’s time to give you all a little overview of what’s waiting for the coming cycle. Usually we don’t announce things quite so in advance, but there are a few things we want to get done. So let’s roll right into it.

First off, Add/Removes!

Drop those all into the Admin Console and you’ll be on your way!

Some things and an event! )

Please use this post for plotting and direct questions to use in the Mod Questions thread!
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Alright everyone, here’s your draft details! Keep an eye out for a Malnosso post about to be posted to set things up. You’ll be able to use it to have your characters react and start making preparations for the battle.

Draft Details )

As always, please put your questions in the MOD QUESTIONS thread below. Remember, you can still sign up here!
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Hello everyone! It's that time again for your latest dose of the friend add/delete.

Copy and paste all of the above into here! Just make sure you're logged into the right account.

Also, just as a note, I've started maintaining the f-list on the lucetimods account more frequently (in lieu of my normal character account.) So that means you should be able to use the lucetimods read page for following the game. It follows all the comms except for trainingwings and lucetiooc.

Just some reminders to new folk: Be sure to hit up the following pages:
Taken Characters
And if you weren’t on the list above, then you need to head to the Add/Remove page!


Lucies in the sky with diamonds )

As always, please direct questions to the Mod Questions section!
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Alright everybody. Time for another round of “What’s going on!?”

First of all, the friend add and remove! Get yourself over to the ADMIN CONSOLE and copypasta this sweet list into it. Don’t log into the wrong journal, though. That’s just uncool.

Now, let’s get the ball rolling with a few announcements.

Applications update )

Contacts update )

Some event you probably don't care about )

That’s all for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the MOD QUESTIONS thread below!
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First off, just a reminder. The Christmas event kicks in tomorrow. If you want your character to get a gift from Santa, be sure to sign up for it here!

Concerning Missions and Rewards )

As always, feel free to ask any questions if you like. Merry Christmas!
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Hey everyone, here are the draft details we promised you. We’re going to toss them at you first with a timeline of events, an idea of what sort of threats needs to be dealt with, along with some answers to the questions asked in the last post. If you still haven’t signed your characters up for the draft but would now like to, please do so here. We’ll have another post soon for the village-side event.




Q&A )


Whew! And that’s a wrap. As always, use this post to plot, ask questions, or wonder how on earth you read all this.
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