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ARRIGHT FOLKS it's well past time that we get this show on the road.I hope you've all had enough fun over the last seven years that this won't hurt for you as much as it does for me, sob. But let's go out with a bang, shall we?

Romaeus has made the announcement: characters will be venturing into the center of the planet to duke it out with one big spirit monster in the hopes of winning their freedom. Here's the OOC explanation that comes hand in hand with his little infodump.

This is the end, my friends )
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Greetings, Lucetians! It's been a while, hasn't it? All quiet on the western front and all that? Well, first of all, apologies for the lull! We've all been kind of disjointed about what to do with the game until we actually hit endgame, and sorting that out is depressing and motivation-killing, truth be told. But! We are persevering, and it is most definitely in the works. We appreciate your patience, and totally understand any frustrations you guys must be feeling as the game sits in pre-end limbo. Hopefully with this first step we'll be better at communicating what happens and when.

For the moment, however, here's the lowdown, most of which Kath was kind enough to conceptualize:

You know the saying, while the cat's away, the mice will play? Well in this case, the organization has been working like mad for years on end, and the last few months have involved workloads akin to a video game company at crunch time. (As in: overtime pay, ha! Pay with your blood.) They've been so busy that at some point this week, someone looked at the calendar and went, "guys, oh my god, we missed Valentine's Day." And the entire workforce revolted, because what the hell, that shit is their favourite show. There may have been angry picket signs involved. I'm pretty sure someone looted the break room TV.

Long story short, management decided that, you know, for old time's sake (since Romaeus isn't around to crack the whip and go HECK NO YOU MORONS IT'S GAME TIME, and since it was requested by a number of players for totally understandable and hilarious reasons), one last V-Day Shift will occur. And man, it's a doozy. This year's theme is… The Dating Sim.

All Those Juicy Romantic Deets )

As per usual, this experiment is OPTIONAL, so if you'd rather have your character unaffected and boggling at the madness, feel free.

The event will begin on February 28th (12:01 AM EST) and end March 6th (11:59 PM EST). Any questions? Ask them in the mod thread below! Happy lovin'!
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Tyr's Rescue Rangers

First, Tyr (aka randomizer) has chosen his special force to lead the mission to rescue Theo and they are:

Leia Organa
Nara Shikamaru
Remy LeBeau
Sheena Fujibayashi
Han Solo

These people will be told to meet up at the town hall to ship out for the Resistance stronghold to implement the plant as outlined in the NPC post here. Look for a log to go up soon and if you have any questions, please ask them below.

Romaeus' Secret Shoppers

The barrier's down, Tyr's group has left the village, and that means it's time for explorers to set off as well. To remind you of what Romaeus needs, look at the modpost here. Be on the lookout for a separate log and as usual questions below as needed.

And You Thought the Village was Safe

Now, with the barrier down, people who remain in the village might begin to notice strange things. Fires are burning a little hotter, the water pressure in the faucets is going a little haywire, and those with spiritual affinities are feeling a bit uncomfortable. The reason? The Filial spirits we all know and love aren't the only ones here, and with the barrier gone, the uninvited guests are starting to barge in.

Starting November 1st, things in the village are going to be strange, and by strange, we mean a slowly building chaos. The influx of spirits means Twila, previously stuck in the time-out box, is getting out. While it won't be possessing people, it will be running amok with the other spirits and Twila related powers will return. As more spirits congregate day by day, the effect on the village will be compounded and grow worse.

Some examples of what to expect are:
  • Fires breaking out across the village (say goodbye to all those new projects)
  • Floods and droughts, screwy water pressure
  • Plants grow up overnight, choking crops or trapping people in buildings, or just being a nuisance and showing up in the middle of your living room
  • Heavy and mischievous winds
  • Concentrated areas of static electricity
  • Healing magic goes haywire, and old wounds start to ache again

Or choose your own adventure using current Filial spirits. However, at this stage the spirits' actions are still relatively benign, and they seem more intent on being mischievous than destructive.

Things change on November 3rd, however. The symptoms will worsen and your character can expect to run into:
  • Sudden sinkholes/minor earthquakes
  • Crop failures (which is bad considering food doesn't replenish here)
  • Pockets of gravity flux (sudden increase in gravity that throws you to the earth, or decrease that has you floating)
  • Pockets of thinned or no air
  • Sudden blinding light or abrupt darkness
  • Plagues of insects, rodents, frogs, etc.
  • Animal attacks and stampedes invading the village
  • Mysterious illnesses spreading (flu-like symptoms, people turning blue for no reason, etc.)
  • Increased, unexplained aggression toward each other leading to fights
  • Food rots instantaneously, or no matter how much you eat, you're still hungry
  • We're open to more suggestions!

From November 5th, the spirits begin teaming up and any two of any of the above effects can be combined at your discretion. Even spirits who normally despise each other seem to be coming together for some reason. Eferin and Sona, for example, might mix and create burning steam, or Tsinku and Kipinn create miniature electricity tornadoes. A sinkhole might open up beneath your character, but then they find themselves floating in the middle of it as gravity begins to go haywire.

Now, the real question is why are the spirits only congregating in Luceti? Do the spirits seem mad to anyone else? People who fall into the spirits' spheres of influence might, if they stay long enough (and don't die), get that same eerie feeling as people on the Zompania draft had. Someone or something seems to be watching, and it isn't pleased.

There's more information to come soon, so stay tuned for that log (three? that's insane!) to go up around November 1st, but for now if you have any questions, please comment to the question thread.
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Listen up Luceti, because here’s what’s going down!

On the 21st, the meeting with Romaeus and Julia occurred, followed immediately (after Q&A) by a town meeting. At that meeting, the following issues were discussed:
  • tensions with the Resistance are rising and growing violent
  • some scouts have disappeared or been killed, and the cause is unconfirmed but suspected as the Resistance themselves
  • plans are being developed to end the fighting peacefully and more information will be available next week
  • everyone should start preparing themselves for a long-term conflict JUST IN CASE, which means staying armed and vigilant, and rationing food carefully
  • a follow-up meeting within the week will occur

On the 26th, that follow-up meeting happens. You can find it here.


The morning of the 27th, the barrier around the enclosure will drop. Aside from those chosen for the mission headed for the Resistance base, characters will have the freedom to explore the rest of the world as they please. The mission to the Resistance base will be chosen via randomizer and there is a limited number of slots open, so please sign up here. The mission requires people who can negotiate and convince Theo to come back to Luceti, a combat team to protect them, and a possible stealth team if they need to sneak him out. How the mission runs depends on the characters' IC choices, so please tell us what your character can specialize in on the sign-up. The outcome of the mission will be discussed on a second post for the chosen group.

Sign-ups run until October 29th, 11:59PM EST.


Romaeus has made available a list of resources he needs in order to build equipment for the future- specifically, the Shifting equipment required to send everyone back to their own timeline. Each continent has a list of resources that Romaeus needs (seen below) and since the name of the game is the more the merrier, go grind for item drops and tell us below what your characters will bring back here. (This does not need to be filled in right away, just whenever it happens!)

So, without further ado, ladies and gents, I give you: Luceti's world.

Click to enlarge.

The only downside, as you can see, is that it's pretty bare. It's big and open and free and- ...full of rocks and trees (and water)! Methods of travel available for explorers are ATVs for crossing terrain and motorized boats for crossing the seas. Ocean crossings take about 5 days from continent to continent by boat to give you an idea of the world's size. Transportation to the boats will be done via teleport, so hooray for less walking. Once on the boats, however, there are a few things you can do if you're keen on exploring the place.

Let's talk Continents )

Here are answers to some questions that people have asked us:

Answers ahoy! )

As usual, ask questions below and sign up if you dare!
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Howdy, paaaartners. Come gather 'round the chuck wagon 'cause it's time for another mod post.

So you’re back a few hundred years in the past. That’s mighty neat. But now I reckon you’re wondering what else there is to do, and how much your character can affect the future. Here are some examples, so take a real good look:

  • Head to the tunnels and leave a message for the future! AKA troll the hell out of future generations
  • Leave a tree in the middle of someone's future house!
  • Build something to leave to your great-great-great-greeeat grand-self (or, you know, for the rest of the village too)
  • Finish off the community buildings and houses, or build village shops and landmarks
  • Put a dead pig in the foundation of someone’s house when it’s getting poured, so the house will always smell bad.
  • Leave children behind and be terrible parents
  • Salt the earth so that nothing can live!! Or plant new orchards and farms that will be plentiful by the time you get back, if you have to be nice about it
  • Tinker with current technology to make way for more advanced technology in the future
  • Go crazy, find your own things to do, be amazing! Just don't eat the bugs - or do and see what happens you monster

However, whatever you decide to do, please get mod approval down below before you do anything too drastic. This will help us track what's happening and give you an idea of how far you can go.

Some of you have had questions about the past townspeople (AKA the random background NPCS), so to give you an idea of what they’re like and what the “climate” of the town is, Here are some snippets of conversation your character may be hearing around town:

  • “The town is looking livelier these days...we haven’t had this many people around since before, well, you know…”

  • “At least when I showed up, I didn’t bring a whole church basement potluck’s worth of people with me! Back then, you were on your own until someone came along and found you!”

  • “The red guy has been pretty quiet for a while now. I mean, especially quiet. Advanced quiet. He still creeps me out a little…”

  • “Maybe if we ended up with so many here, it means there were less for the other guys to get a hold of...right?”

  • “I don’t know, Tyr doesn’t seem to mind having them around, and what’s good enough for Tyr is good enough for me.”

  • “I don’t know why we don’t just get somebody to Shift the new building into existence… I guess some people just like doing things the old-fashioned way.”

  • “Wonder if any of the other towns got hit as hard with newcomers, or if it’s just us that get all the luck.”

  • “Haven’t heard much from those raving lunatics lately...makes me nervous, you know? Yeah, yeah, I shouldn’t call ‘em that because it’s ‘insensitive’ or whatever, but my mama taught me to never tell a lie.”

Now, what if your character feels too claustrophobic in the village and wants to see the outside world like never before?! Well, they can do that too! SOON, characters are going to have the opportunity to go out and explore the outside world! They may come across very familiar landmarks they've seen before on missions and drafts--albeit different-looking due to the difference in time--and maybe even some new places too. Let us know if you are interested in having your character explore a particular area, and we can provide details for what they might see. Gather a merry band of men (and women!) together to make the journey! There is no power cap outside of the barrier, so you can’t be tamed!

Be warned that if your character does decide to go out and explore, they may miss out on some of the goings-ons in the village itself. World exploration is a time-consuming affair, after all! But with your efforts… Who knows, maybe you'll be able to map out the world itself. Provided you have a cartographer, of course. ;) So please keep that in mind if you decide to send your character out on an extended exploration trip.

Of course, there's plenty more to come during this all this timey wimey business. We've got something big coming up that was hinted at in John's post, and more details will be forthcoming soon. Of course, as always, any questions should be directed down below.
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Eyes forward, Lucetians! More information for the upcoming event in this post. The event that's happening in a couple of days, remember?

On the 30th, John will be making an announcement as mentioned in the previous mod post with two things in mind: one, that y'all are going back in time, and two, that Rin Okumura has been selected to meet with him in the Battle Dome. This is where the journal (and instructions) will be passed on to him. The delivery man has a couple of choices, then:
  • to discuss the journal/mission with his fellow villagers or not
  • to open the journal or leave its tantalizing secrets untouched seriously open it
  • to deliver the journal or not

So if the rest of you guys want to hear about it or open the journal, you know, start the bullying.

John will kindly give warning as to when the time travel will begin, with sirens screaming from the journals at 6:23 in the morning on October 1st. (That's after his coffee and ricecake time.) Hope you got ready the night before! There is no drama or fanfare involved in the transportation - one moment, you'll be at home or in bed (but hopefully not because then you'll be a New Feather in pajamas, gosh), and the next moment you will find yourself several hundred years in the past, with your neighbours and only whatever gear or weaponry you could carry with you.

In the previous entry we answered some questions already, and some were answered on Plurk as well, so click the link above to find the former and for the latter:

Additional Questions )

If you have more questions you hadn't thought of yet, ask them in the thread below.
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Hey guys, it’s time for another modpost! You’ll be doing a bit of traveling for this one!

Deloreans are optional here. )
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Hello Lucetians! A few things to announce:

1) Please hover-add [personal profile] searches_forhim or manage_circle add_read searches_forhim here, as our Jane Foster was removed during AC and her appeal was accepted. Woo!

2) We're well past due (for which we all apologize!), so it’s time for a good ol’ fashioned planned (we hope) shift! Welcome, one and all to good ol U of L (that’s University of Luceti to you, bub) and it’s the first week of class. For some, that might mean meeting up with old friends, comparing class schedules, preparing for the fall term slog. For others, it’s the start of a brand new life--who will your roommate in housing be? Where do you even buy toothpaste? And let’s not forget the grad students, eating instant noodles in their subterranean offices and weeping as they read roll sheets for the class sections they have to teach if they don’t want to lose their fellowships (oh god, not that guy, I heard he does all his homework in crayon and it smells funny), or the professors, torn from their happy summers filled with field work to get stuffed behind lecterns once more.

Beyond the frantic activity of preparing for that learning thing, there are big social events afoot at UL this week. It’s rush week, so be prepared for endless frat (don’t worry, all the frats are coed!) parties, as well as the time when all of the student organizations and clubs make their first big membership push and run fun events. Fraternities Upsilon Omega and Eta Beta Pi are battling it out to get the most pledges with costume contests, wild parties where underage students will Totally Not Get Any Alcohol We Promise (wink wink), the legendary Running Of The Squirrels, and more.

But even more important, the date of the Feather Bowl has fallen on this Friday, and Luceti’s own football team will be playing on their home turf against their most bitter rivals--Kin’Corra University! (BOO! HISS!)

The KU team has temporarily taken over the Heart community housing building while they prepare for the big game. The place is like a maximum security prison right now, and the KU players are all major jerks. And just to up the stakes even more, rumor has it that whichever university wins the Feather Bowl will snag a major prize--a technology upgrade for the whole school!

Kick spirit week into overdrive, Luceti. Make sure your football players stay safe from sabotage, guard your mascot well, and do what you can to demoralize your hated foes. Don’t forget to rub the shiny, bald head of the statue of Davis near the fountain for luck. Go, fight, win!

For more information of the OOC sort, click on the cut! )
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the game is over get out April Fools!! oh wait I'm early crap ABORT ABORT

Hey hey, Lucetians! Time for some announcements/maintenance stuff. no pranks today I promise )
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Kath here, trying on the mod hat for the first time! It's that time of year again, Luceti! (Wait, what do you mean that was last week? Shush!) The highly anticipated Valentines Event is here, and it’s going down from Monday, February 24th through Saturday, March 1st!

I'll do all I can to make your heart beat with mine )
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Hey guys, Akai’s busy working on important things like the future of Luceti, so the task of this month’s event has fallen to me! So, while she does that, here's a little event to tide you all over. You might recognize it. I like to think it's pretty familiar to most of you, at any rate.

We're going full-on Koolaid Man on this wall. )
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Greetings and Happy Holidays to all you winged people out there!

insert creative equally-christmas lyric here )
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Okay, kids! Sit up and pay attention. Don’t slouch. Stop poking each other. We have an event post to-- oh my god, I said stop.

Anyway, we promised you details for Malnosso World. Well here they are! From the 27th to the 2nd of November, all of Luceti will be emptied out to be entrenched in the happy-go-lucky world of the Malnosso. Remember, this is happening at the same time as our two-month NEWLY GAINED FEAR Shift -- and it will still apply even while characters are outside of Luceti for Halloween.


When You Wish Upon A Star, You Realize It’s Fake And That You’re An Idiot )

As always, direct questions at the MOD QUESTIONS thread. Otherwise, plot to yourself on this post! Or on Plurk. Because you’ll all do it on Plurk. SIGH.
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Hello everyone! Just a quick run down of things for the month. I know things have been a little awkwardly timed, but we’re just trying to find our footing by shifting the schedule around. We’ll get our act together before long.

Locations update and event stuff! )

We’ll see. We’ll have another mod post to give you all the details on that later. For now, stay tuned! Be sure to put your questions in the MOD QUESTIONS thread below!
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Greetings, loved ones. We’ve got an announcement for you today, as well as an event! But first! Let’s see those friend add/removes.

Post these into the admin console! Got that taken care of? In the right journal? Cool, cool. Well done.

Moving right along! We have a fairly major announcement today regarding app cycles. We mods have discussed it, and we have decided that starting in October, apps will be open the first week of EVERY month. You read that right. Gone are the days of having to wait two months to put in your app! Regarding reserves, they will continuously be open, but we’ll clear them out at the end of each app cycle. So, they’ll effectively open immediately following this post, and we’d clear out the current set of reserves after apps close at 11:59 PM EST on October 7. HMD and Activity Check will still take place every other month, as will the Test Flight meme and the Bi-Monthly Round Up. Spread the word! Tell your friends. This is pretty rad, after all.

event )

Mission Follow Up )
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Okay everyone, time for a follow up announcement for the upcoming event! This post not only will have a timeline for the event, but will also reveal the rest of its details. Otherwise, this is a post where you show off your completed AUs, as well as continue plotting.

Before that, just a reminder that we’re looking for a new mod. This is a pretty big deal, because the game won’t be able to run very smoothly if we don’t get someone else on the job. So if you have what it takes, be sure to apply!

More event goodies )
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Hello everyone! Now that apps are mostly finished, it’s time to give you all a little overview of what’s waiting for the coming cycle. Usually we don’t announce things quite so in advance, but there are a few things we want to get done. So let’s roll right into it.

First off, Add/Removes!

Drop those all into the Admin Console and you’ll be on your way!

Some things and an event! )

Please use this post for plotting and direct questions to use in the Mod Questions thread!
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Hey everyone, it’s time for a round of Add and Deletes. So follow the old routine of copying the list below and pasting it to the admin console!

All done? Good. Incidentally, if you didn’t know, you can follow the game by just reading the lucetimods read page. It shows everything except for [community profile] lucetiooc. Neat, huh?

Moving on, let’s talk about an event. This may look familiar to players who have been here for a few years, but we’re doing a second round of the Spirit Possession Event. But before we go into the details first, we’re going to introduce some plot first.

There’s a lot of information to go through, but if you’re purely interested only in the Event itself, feel free to scroll down to “Event Details”.

Plot Stuff )

Into the Tunnels )

The Event )

That’s everything! There will be NPC posts that come up and to those who sign up for the two plot opportunities, we’ll reply to the comment of the person who ends up selected. In the meantime, use this post to plot and discuss with one another. Please keep questions about the event/plot to the MOD QUESTIONS thread! Thank you!
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Bonjour! Allo! Comment ça-va?

Yep. It’s time for a little light experimentation before the month runs out. After a big draft earlier in this cycle, we’re aiming for something fun for April’s closer. And we’d like to thank Elle, Vyc, and Yosh for the particular suggestion which has inspired this rousing round of cheesy drama this time around. Mmhm, folks -- for the equivalent of a long weekend, Luceti is gonna find itself dropped head-first into the very dramatic stylings of just about any soap opera you can imagine.
like sands through the hourglass... )
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Hello, folks!

It’s just about that time of year again. Surely, those of you who are newer in our ranks have heard the ominous (and often gleeful) whispered plans and speculations. Yes, Luceti, it’s time for your February event! The event starts on the 11th at 12:00am and ends at 11:59pm on the 17th.
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