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Today, the computer will finally crack the code for the door leading to the “Classified” section of the tunnels. The people running the decryption program will be alerted to this, assuming they set up any kind of alert for that. Otherwise they’ll have to drag themselves down there to look at it.

Easily the most mysterious of all the doors, it may hold some promising information or something useful against the Malnosso. And so, with the use of their keycard, they’ll open this door...

Classified )

As always, please keep your questions in the Mod Questions section. The next door will open in a month or two. Unless a new poll is held, we'll use the second highest result from the last poll: Archives.
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Hi everyone, we have some plot-related things for you as a follow up to the last mod post. First of all, we want to let you know that Carol and Davis haven't been seen since their one-day tour. As for the event, we will get to a surefire de-possession method in a moment. In addition to having another character ‘save’ yours from the dangers of a long-term possession, the effect may also simply wear off. All spiritual possessions (aside from Twila) have the potential to end should the spirit choose to vacate the host.

Spirits, Possession, and Event Follow Up )

Tunnels )
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Hey everyone, it’s time for a round of Add and Deletes. So follow the old routine of copying the list below and pasting it to the admin console!

All done? Good. Incidentally, if you didn’t know, you can follow the game by just reading the lucetimods read page. It shows everything except for [community profile] lucetiooc. Neat, huh?

Moving on, let’s talk about an event. This may look familiar to players who have been here for a few years, but we’re doing a second round of the Spirit Possession Event. But before we go into the details first, we’re going to introduce some plot first.

There’s a lot of information to go through, but if you’re purely interested only in the Event itself, feel free to scroll down to “Event Details”.

Plot Stuff )

Into the Tunnels )

The Event )

That’s everything! There will be NPC posts that come up and to those who sign up for the two plot opportunities, we’ll reply to the comment of the person who ends up selected. In the meantime, use this post to plot and discuss with one another. Please keep questions about the event/plot to the MOD QUESTIONS thread! Thank you!
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So we have a few plot things to discuss here. Nothing big or event-y, but informative for those of you who care about such things! Both of them are related to missions. The first is from the hospital mission and will soon be relevant to all of Luceti:

Through the Invisible Door and What They Found There )

This next one deals with things that those on the droid sabotage mission would have discovered.

Dealing with the FTSA )

And that's all of it. Sorry for how long it all was. As always, direct your questions to the Mod Questions comment!


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