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Activity Check Results / HMD

The results for the Activity Check are in! Please note that the following characters were either inactive, didn't post to the activity check, or failed to speak to a moderator about their activity. Also added were characters who have joined the game or dropped since the last add/remove, for your convenience. (And some people who weren't even on the friend/add, for whatever reason...!)

Copy-paste the following here:

A number of you passed the activity check, but barely. (You know who you are.) Try to pick things up, as it's no fun to character-squat.

If there are any mistakes here, please let us know! Additionally, if your character was removed and you're still active, feel free to appeal to one of us about keeping your character. However, please remember next time to stay active and post to the Activity Check. Thank you!

And as always:


How's My Driving?

This is a crit post for both the community and game and for your characters. If you have something you'd like to see us improve upon with the game, PLEASE TELL US HERE! Anon commenting is on, but if anything gets really nasty there will be warnings and thread-freezing. This isn't required but everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the advice of your fellow players!

Just some pointers: no taking cheap shots, no dragging personal issues into things and for the love of all that is wise and great, please double check your replies and comments before posting them. Sometimes a change in phrasing can make all the difference between a helpful tone and a condescending one.

ALSO: We'd like to clarify that HMD means HMD- which means it's okay to have both good and bad crit. Some people have expressed concerns about posting good/bad crit when a character already has bad/good crit posted. We'd like to encourage you guys to do it anyway! You can drive well or badly, and even good drivers make mistakes. So give it a try \o

(Anonymous) 2014-08-30 12:48 am (UTC)(link)
I'm developing quite a few concerns I will admit, however I understand the situation. This is a new mod team, and it's going to take time for you and the rest of the game to find our footing. So there are several things I am going to give you guys the benefit of the doubt on for the time being, but there is one issue at hand that I feel it best to tackle now rather than see it become a problem later.

So if there is one thing I would like to offer criticism to you, mods, this would be to please work on your communication. You've not been doing this well with your players on multiple fronts, and tbh I sometimes get the impression you're not communicating with each other well either. I understand many of you were on hiatus and unavailable, but this is an issue I've noticed even prior to that.

This lack of communication is becoming widespread if not already problematic. I understand you're still experimenting, you're trying to find a balance between being too rigid like you were on the draft and being too open-ended as with the temple. Many of the issues that have come up from things like this can be smoothed over, however, with proper OOC communication which is something the players are just not getting. In light of that I am going to provide a list of areas where I think you could stand to improve on.

1) The mods need to give the players a better idea of what they're signing up for. The nightmares that came about from the draft are a good example of this. Their nature turned out to be similar to that of a death penalty, with their permanence, which is exactly what many players thought they were avoiding when they signed up.

2) Important details need to be communicated in a timely manner. I've heard the discovery in the temples is something to be described as "game-changing", but in spite of this it's months later and we still do not know what that is. This makes reacting to it IC when the news is shared problematic, if not impossible.

3) Player questions also need to be addressed in a more timely manner. I have seen questions on mission and event posts sit for days, and some not get answered at all. I personally have also encountered the same treatment when trying to speak to a mod directly and been ignored more than once. This is incredibly frustrating, particularly on time-sensitive subjects that CANNOT be moved forward without mod input.

4) The mods should be more upfront about what their expectations are. The impression that comes across is that they're weary of having to handle everything and want the playerbase to work more things out for themselves. The thing is that many players regularly rely on the mods only because they're cautious and do not want to overstep boundaries. If you tell them that they should come up with things for themselves, many players would be happy to do it.

5) Lastly, the mods should communicate better with each other. There's been several times where I've asked a question only to get the run-around because only another mod could discuss it, much less give an answer. There have also been instances where someone has gone to two different mods about the same request and gotten completely different answers, showing you're not always on the same page. This is a minor thing, but I can see it leading to unbalance with which mods people will be willing to go to, so they can be treated fair.

All of this said, thank you for your work so far. I think what problems you do have can be easily corrected with some adjustments.
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Luna's boys

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Emil Castagnier | Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World | [personal profile] knightofratatosk
Richard | Tales of Graces | [personal profile] ledbythewind
Jack Vessalius | Pandora Hearts | [personal profile] of_sablier
Gai Tsutsugami | Guilty Crown | [personal profile] voidseeing
Shuda | Rave Master | [personal profile] dancing_flames

Sorry about sort of vanishing for a couple of weeks there-- Otakon happened, and then I got slammed with work and some other unexpected RL stuff. Things have finally eased up so I'm getting back around to tags now!
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Jayne's Posse

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Anise Tatlin | Tales of the Abyss | [personal profile] lastfonmasterguardian
Naoto Shirogane | Persona 4 | [personal profile] fortunesgun
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Billy Kaplan/Wiccan | [personal profile] selfhelp | Young Avengers
Asch the Bloody | [personal profile] dissonates | Tales of the Abyss
Mikage Celestine | [personal profile] fyulong | 07-Ghost

...Mikage is kind of pointless here since he just arrived but yeah
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Ion | Tales of the Abyss | [personal profile] distressedude
Kari Nijihi / Hoshikyo | Original | [personal profile] magicalesbian
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Zuko | Avatar: The Last Airbender | [personal profile] lordhotman
B'Elanna Torres | Star Trek: Voyager | [personal profile] snapturtle
Wan Shi Tong | The Legend of Korra | [personal profile] knowitowl
Lance | Pokemon (gameverse) | [personal profile] innerdragon
Lugia | Pokemon (anime) | [personal profile] beastofthesea
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Nara Shikamaru | Naruto | [personal profile] endgames
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Kini's Team (of one robot)

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Rudy Roughnight | Wild ARMs Alter Code: F | [personal profile] ofwesternwinds
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Pilouette Bonheur | Original Character | [personal profile] ribbonbon | Personal HMD
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Simon Blackquill | Ace Attorney | [personal profile] jailbirdprosecutor
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Xzana | OC | [personal profile] elongatedsmile
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[personal profile] lordhotman 2014-08-24 04:11 pm (UTC)(link)
You're great. Vash is great. That last post was just amazing. Although I'm not sure any of us at House Avatar will ever think of LOVE. AND. PEACE. in the same light ever again. 8D

Xzana is a lot of fun too. I would love to RP with both of them more in the future!
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Raine Sage | Tales of Symphonia | [personal profile] wise_maiden

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Sokka | Avatar: The Last Airbender | [personal profile] theideaguy

(Anonymous) 2014-10-01 10:10 pm (UTC)(link)
I have a question regarding Sokka's research with the Pokeballs. Sokka appears to know about Crys' Pokemon's Pokeball breaking even though it was announced to other Pokemon Trainers through a locked post. Is your reasoning behind this that Sokka found out through Aang because of Ikki being a Pokemon Trainer?

You've also had him construct a working Pokeball shell while only having to work on Ash's old broken Pokeball, which is not just half of a Pokeball shell, but also cracked in places. Is this logical to you by Sokka's canon to have this result? And does the shell actually work? I'm not certain to that last part.

I don't know Sokka and I don't fully know everything that has been going on about this, but I am interested to know how you're approaching this. Is Sokka working with Ash or any of the other trainers with their fully working Pokeballs?

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I just want to let you know that you're doing a good job! Am I recalling correctly that you're new to DWRP? I'm having trouble remembering partly because you seem to have been settling in very well! I haven't read too many of her threads, but what I've seen so far has definitely sounded like her! At the very least, I'd say you're off to a good start, and I hope for many great times to come.

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I also have a personal HMD on my journal if you'd rather post there.

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