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Time for the Kick Off

Tyr's Rescue Rangers

First, Tyr (aka randomizer) has chosen his special force to lead the mission to rescue Theo and they are:

Leia Organa
Nara Shikamaru
Remy LeBeau
Sheena Fujibayashi
Han Solo

These people will be told to meet up at the town hall to ship out for the Resistance stronghold to implement the plant as outlined in the NPC post here. Look for a log to go up soon and if you have any questions, please ask them below.

Romaeus' Secret Shoppers

The barrier's down, Tyr's group has left the village, and that means it's time for explorers to set off as well. To remind you of what Romaeus needs, look at the modpost here. Be on the lookout for a separate log and as usual questions below as needed.

And You Thought the Village was Safe

Now, with the barrier down, people who remain in the village might begin to notice strange things. Fires are burning a little hotter, the water pressure in the faucets is going a little haywire, and those with spiritual affinities are feeling a bit uncomfortable. The reason? The Filial spirits we all know and love aren't the only ones here, and with the barrier gone, the uninvited guests are starting to barge in.

Starting November 1st, things in the village are going to be strange, and by strange, we mean a slowly building chaos. The influx of spirits means Twila, previously stuck in the time-out box, is getting out. While it won't be possessing people, it will be running amok with the other spirits and Twila related powers will return. As more spirits congregate day by day, the effect on the village will be compounded and grow worse.

Some examples of what to expect are:
  • Fires breaking out across the village (say goodbye to all those new projects)
  • Floods and droughts, screwy water pressure
  • Plants grow up overnight, choking crops or trapping people in buildings, or just being a nuisance and showing up in the middle of your living room
  • Heavy and mischievous winds
  • Concentrated areas of static electricity
  • Healing magic goes haywire, and old wounds start to ache again

Or choose your own adventure using current Filial spirits. However, at this stage the spirits' actions are still relatively benign, and they seem more intent on being mischievous than destructive.

Things change on November 3rd, however. The symptoms will worsen and your character can expect to run into:
  • Sudden sinkholes/minor earthquakes
  • Crop failures (which is bad considering food doesn't replenish here)
  • Pockets of gravity flux (sudden increase in gravity that throws you to the earth, or decrease that has you floating)
  • Pockets of thinned or no air
  • Sudden blinding light or abrupt darkness
  • Plagues of insects, rodents, frogs, etc.
  • Animal attacks and stampedes invading the village
  • Mysterious illnesses spreading (flu-like symptoms, people turning blue for no reason, etc.)
  • Increased, unexplained aggression toward each other leading to fights
  • Food rots instantaneously, or no matter how much you eat, you're still hungry
  • We're open to more suggestions!

From November 5th, the spirits begin teaming up and any two of any of the above effects can be combined at your discretion. Even spirits who normally despise each other seem to be coming together for some reason. Eferin and Sona, for example, might mix and create burning steam, or Tsinku and Kipinn create miniature electricity tornadoes. A sinkhole might open up beneath your character, but then they find themselves floating in the middle of it as gravity begins to go haywire.

Now, the real question is why are the spirits only congregating in Luceti? Do the spirits seem mad to anyone else? People who fall into the spirits' spheres of influence might, if they stay long enough (and don't die), get that same eerie feeling as people on the Zompania draft had. Someone or something seems to be watching, and it isn't pleased.

There's more information to come soon, so stay tuned for that log (three? that's insane!) to go up around November 1st, but for now if you have any questions, please comment to the question thread.

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