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ARRIGHT FOLKS it's well past time that we get this show on the road.I hope you've all had enough fun over the last seven years that this won't hurt for you as much as it does for me, sob. But let's go out with a bang, shall we?

Romaeus has made the announcement: characters will be venturing into the center of the planet to duke it out with one big spirit monster in the hopes of winning their freedom. Here's the OOC explanation that comes hand in hand with his little infodump.

This is the end, my friends )
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Hey everyone, guess what? It's the 20th of November!! That means, as per the previous mod post, the time travel plot is officially wrapped up and everyone should now be shifted back to the future! Congratulations on a job well done, everyone. We're all very proud.

Characters will arrive to find the village mostly the same, appearance-wise, aside from the changes done in the past that stuck. Please specify changes done in a thread below so we can make appropriate updates to the map! Also, there might be some new people around. As mentioned before, returning characters (and holy crap are there ever a lot of them) have the option of altering their histories so that they never actually left Luceti. To do so, of course, some updated history is required… and that's where this post comes in!

Below you can find a list of timeline changes. This is by no means a complete list, and more will be added as we get questions and think of more relevant stuff. Also, an NPC post will go up some time in the (hopefully near, but bear with us here) future as an event follow-up. In the meantime, have fun with your reunion party! A log should be posted shortly. (If anyone has difficulty accessing or posting to it, please ping a mod ASAP.)

For once time travel didn't ruin everything, how unprecedented )

If you have any questions about the world as it is now, please ask! We'll add relevant stuff to the top post as it comes up.
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Greetings, all!

So due to an overwhelming collective agreement that both option #2s are preferable, that's what we're going with. That means that:

Details within )
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As a slightly-less-depressing follow up to the last mod post, we're working on closing off the current plot and getting ourselves back on track, two men down. Our most sincere apologies for the delays on this; if you can envision chickens with their heads cut off, that's us the past week and a half. (Fits the wing motif, eh, eh!?) But all we can do is keep calm and carry on! While flailing madly and dying.

For starters, as announced on Plurk earlier today, Theo is now available for negotiation talks on the mission log. Talks will be ongoing, but to avoid a handful of people controlling the outcome and leaving the rest of you to twiddle your thumbs, we've got some options for you all.

( [personal profile] lucetimods is a free account or I'd create actual polls, sorry! )


  • option 1: negotiation succeeds! Theo joins the group willingly and returns to the Luceti enclosure peacefully.
  • option 2: negotiation succeeds! But his comrades protest and cause a fight.
  • option 3: negotiation fails! Theo must be stolen quietly from the camp.
  • option 4: negotiation fails! Everything goes to hell and they have to grab Theo and flee or die screaming. AKA the "Romaeus is disappoint" option.

The power is yours! Obviously 1 would be the easiest to handwave if you guys are tired of time travel shenanigans and 2 would be a success for everyone involved, but the choice is yours. (If no majority is found, we can RNG it or dive straight into the chaos option just to drive you all crazy.)


  • option 1: handwavey shift magic means the spirit shenanigans will end when the barrier goes back up.
  • option 2: FINAL BOSS MODE. The outside spirits combine into a big mess of elements, and those who have connections to the Luceti-native spirits have to pull a Captain Planet to separate and appease them until the barrier's back.

Same as above- if you just want all this nonsense to end already, #1 is the simplest. Option 2 is a good excuse for a ruckus. (Since this can be an isolated incident, if enough people say they want a fight, we'll just do it and people can ignore it at their leisure.)

REGARDLESS OF CHOICES, the mission group is assumed to have left Theo's base by the 10th, 11th at the latest, and should return in time for the barrier to go back up on the 18th. All world explorers will be called back and should be back inside the barrier by that day. Characters will return to the future on the morning of November 20th.

And speaking of the future- we will begin accepting apps from former characters around that time, and one of the options of said returning characters is (due to the alterations from past to future) to act as if they never left Luceti. Those returning can feel free to use it as an excuse to avoid the awkward "arrival" posts and just jump right into the action. This is optional, however, if you'd prefer dramatic reunions on both sides of your CR.

That's all for now. Vote, comment, ask questions! But the sooner we know what you want, the sooner we can put these choices into motion.
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Tyr's Rescue Rangers

First, Tyr (aka randomizer) has chosen his special force to lead the mission to rescue Theo and they are:

Leia Organa
Nara Shikamaru
Remy LeBeau
Sheena Fujibayashi
Han Solo

These people will be told to meet up at the town hall to ship out for the Resistance stronghold to implement the plant as outlined in the NPC post here. Look for a log to go up soon and if you have any questions, please ask them below.

Romaeus' Secret Shoppers

The barrier's down, Tyr's group has left the village, and that means it's time for explorers to set off as well. To remind you of what Romaeus needs, look at the modpost here. Be on the lookout for a separate log and as usual questions below as needed.

And You Thought the Village was Safe

Now, with the barrier down, people who remain in the village might begin to notice strange things. Fires are burning a little hotter, the water pressure in the faucets is going a little haywire, and those with spiritual affinities are feeling a bit uncomfortable. The reason? The Filial spirits we all know and love aren't the only ones here, and with the barrier gone, the uninvited guests are starting to barge in.

Starting November 1st, things in the village are going to be strange, and by strange, we mean a slowly building chaos. The influx of spirits means Twila, previously stuck in the time-out box, is getting out. While it won't be possessing people, it will be running amok with the other spirits and Twila related powers will return. As more spirits congregate day by day, the effect on the village will be compounded and grow worse.

Some examples of what to expect are:
  • Fires breaking out across the village (say goodbye to all those new projects)
  • Floods and droughts, screwy water pressure
  • Plants grow up overnight, choking crops or trapping people in buildings, or just being a nuisance and showing up in the middle of your living room
  • Heavy and mischievous winds
  • Concentrated areas of static electricity
  • Healing magic goes haywire, and old wounds start to ache again

Or choose your own adventure using current Filial spirits. However, at this stage the spirits' actions are still relatively benign, and they seem more intent on being mischievous than destructive.

Things change on November 3rd, however. The symptoms will worsen and your character can expect to run into:
  • Sudden sinkholes/minor earthquakes
  • Crop failures (which is bad considering food doesn't replenish here)
  • Pockets of gravity flux (sudden increase in gravity that throws you to the earth, or decrease that has you floating)
  • Pockets of thinned or no air
  • Sudden blinding light or abrupt darkness
  • Plagues of insects, rodents, frogs, etc.
  • Animal attacks and stampedes invading the village
  • Mysterious illnesses spreading (flu-like symptoms, people turning blue for no reason, etc.)
  • Increased, unexplained aggression toward each other leading to fights
  • Food rots instantaneously, or no matter how much you eat, you're still hungry
  • We're open to more suggestions!

From November 5th, the spirits begin teaming up and any two of any of the above effects can be combined at your discretion. Even spirits who normally despise each other seem to be coming together for some reason. Eferin and Sona, for example, might mix and create burning steam, or Tsinku and Kipinn create miniature electricity tornadoes. A sinkhole might open up beneath your character, but then they find themselves floating in the middle of it as gravity begins to go haywire.

Now, the real question is why are the spirits only congregating in Luceti? Do the spirits seem mad to anyone else? People who fall into the spirits' spheres of influence might, if they stay long enough (and don't die), get that same eerie feeling as people on the Zompania draft had. Someone or something seems to be watching, and it isn't pleased.

There's more information to come soon, so stay tuned for that log (three? that's insane!) to go up around November 1st, but for now if you have any questions, please comment to the question thread.
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Listen up Luceti, because here’s what’s going down!

On the 21st, the meeting with Romaeus and Julia occurred, followed immediately (after Q&A) by a town meeting. At that meeting, the following issues were discussed:
  • tensions with the Resistance are rising and growing violent
  • some scouts have disappeared or been killed, and the cause is unconfirmed but suspected as the Resistance themselves
  • plans are being developed to end the fighting peacefully and more information will be available next week
  • everyone should start preparing themselves for a long-term conflict JUST IN CASE, which means staying armed and vigilant, and rationing food carefully
  • a follow-up meeting within the week will occur

On the 26th, that follow-up meeting happens. You can find it here.


The morning of the 27th, the barrier around the enclosure will drop. Aside from those chosen for the mission headed for the Resistance base, characters will have the freedom to explore the rest of the world as they please. The mission to the Resistance base will be chosen via randomizer and there is a limited number of slots open, so please sign up here. The mission requires people who can negotiate and convince Theo to come back to Luceti, a combat team to protect them, and a possible stealth team if they need to sneak him out. How the mission runs depends on the characters' IC choices, so please tell us what your character can specialize in on the sign-up. The outcome of the mission will be discussed on a second post for the chosen group.

Sign-ups run until October 29th, 11:59PM EST.


Romaeus has made available a list of resources he needs in order to build equipment for the future- specifically, the Shifting equipment required to send everyone back to their own timeline. Each continent has a list of resources that Romaeus needs (seen below) and since the name of the game is the more the merrier, go grind for item drops and tell us below what your characters will bring back here. (This does not need to be filled in right away, just whenever it happens!)

So, without further ado, ladies and gents, I give you: Luceti's world.

Click to enlarge.

The only downside, as you can see, is that it's pretty bare. It's big and open and free and- ...full of rocks and trees (and water)! Methods of travel available for explorers are ATVs for crossing terrain and motorized boats for crossing the seas. Ocean crossings take about 5 days from continent to continent by boat to give you an idea of the world's size. Transportation to the boats will be done via teleport, so hooray for less walking. Once on the boats, however, there are a few things you can do if you're keen on exploring the place.

Let's talk Continents )

Here are answers to some questions that people have asked us:

Answers ahoy! )

As usual, ask questions below and sign up if you dare!
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Notes to keep in mind throughout this draft:
  • If you want to participate in this draft, you must sign up at the announcement post.
  • Communications back to Luceti will be completely impossible; draftees (and later reinforcements) will be able to use their journals to communicate with each other, but the range will be extremely limited to no more than a quarter mile of distance.
  • There will be no power limit set--all characters will be at full power for this draft.
  • No limits will be set on equipment that the draftees bring with them. They will, in fact, be encouraged to bring their own weapons.
  • Enemy units will include: Foot soldiers, Elites, Shifters, Dream Shifters, Shift Hunters (commonly armored) Details on them are on the Nitpicker's Guide.
  • There will be no scanners for this draft until the reinforcements arrive; prior to that cultists must be incapacitated, imprisoned, or killed.
  • Zompania, while smaller in population than Luceti, is a more structurally developed and larger enclosure. Please see the map here
  • The barrier around the enclosure of Zompania will be down the entire time. If you wish your character to suffer from shift afflictions, please feel free to do so. Otherwise, don’t worry about it.


Zompania Map )
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We’ve hinted subtly and not-so-subtly, and I’m sure at this point our gleeful cackling has given us away. That’s right, kids, it’s time for a draft!

Dies irae, dies illa, solvet saeclum in favilla. )

As always, please direct questions to the Mod Questions section!
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By the conclusion of this mission, the volunteers will have the option to either help the Iron Eye or take measures to ensure they fail. There are four options to take, each with their own pros and cons, as well as chances for success or failure. The involvement of the Lucetians will have a significant impact on future drafts and missions.

Of course, the question is: what are the Iron Eye up to? If you haven’t figured it out, you may have to make a decision with just what you’ve figured out.

How It Works )

Characters will find out the results of their decision via an NPC post sometime later in September.
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Today, the computer will finally crack the code for the door leading to the “Classified” section of the tunnels. The people running the decryption program will be alerted to this, assuming they set up any kind of alert for that. Otherwise they’ll have to drag themselves down there to look at it.

Easily the most mysterious of all the doors, it may hold some promising information or something useful against the Malnosso. And so, with the use of their keycard, they’ll open this door...

Classified )

As always, please keep your questions in the Mod Questions section. The next door will open in a month or two. Unless a new poll is held, we'll use the second highest result from the last poll: Archives.
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Okay everyone, time for a follow up announcement for the upcoming event! This post not only will have a timeline for the event, but will also reveal the rest of its details. Otherwise, this is a post where you show off your completed AUs, as well as continue plotting.

Before that, just a reminder that we’re looking for a new mod. This is a pretty big deal, because the game won’t be able to run very smoothly if we don’t get someone else on the job. So if you have what it takes, be sure to apply!

More event goodies )
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Hello everyone! Now that apps are mostly finished, it’s time to give you all a little overview of what’s waiting for the coming cycle. Usually we don’t announce things quite so in advance, but there are a few things we want to get done. So let’s roll right into it.

First off, Add/Removes!

Drop those all into the Admin Console and you’ll be on your way!

Some things and an event! )

Please use this post for plotting and direct questions to use in the Mod Questions thread!
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Hi everyone, we have some plot-related things for you as a follow up to the last mod post. First of all, we want to let you know that Carol and Davis haven't been seen since their one-day tour. As for the event, we will get to a surefire de-possession method in a moment. In addition to having another character ‘save’ yours from the dangers of a long-term possession, the effect may also simply wear off. All spiritual possessions (aside from Twila) have the potential to end should the spirit choose to vacate the host.

Spirits, Possession, and Event Follow Up )

Tunnels )
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Hey everyone, it’s time for a round of Add and Deletes. So follow the old routine of copying the list below and pasting it to the admin console!

All done? Good. Incidentally, if you didn’t know, you can follow the game by just reading the lucetimods read page. It shows everything except for [community profile] lucetiooc. Neat, huh?

Moving on, let’s talk about an event. This may look familiar to players who have been here for a few years, but we’re doing a second round of the Spirit Possession Event. But before we go into the details first, we’re going to introduce some plot first.

There’s a lot of information to go through, but if you’re purely interested only in the Event itself, feel free to scroll down to “Event Details”.

Plot Stuff )

Into the Tunnels )

The Event )

That’s everything! There will be NPC posts that come up and to those who sign up for the two plot opportunities, we’ll reply to the comment of the person who ends up selected. In the meantime, use this post to plot and discuss with one another. Please keep questions about the event/plot to the MOD QUESTIONS thread! Thank you!
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Alright everyone, here’s your draft details! Keep an eye out for a Malnosso post about to be posted to set things up. You’ll be able to use it to have your characters react and start making preparations for the battle.

Draft Details )

As always, please put your questions in the MOD QUESTIONS thread below. Remember, you can still sign up here!
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Hey everyone, here are the draft details we promised you. We’re going to toss them at you first with a timeline of events, an idea of what sort of threats needs to be dealt with, along with some answers to the questions asked in the last post. If you still haven’t signed your characters up for the draft but would now like to, please do so here. We’ll have another post soon for the village-side event.




Q&A )


Whew! And that’s a wrap. As always, use this post to plot, ask questions, or wonder how on earth you read all this.
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So we have a few plot things to discuss here. Nothing big or event-y, but informative for those of you who care about such things! Both of them are related to missions. The first is from the hospital mission and will soon be relevant to all of Luceti:

Through the Invisible Door and What They Found There )

This next one deals with things that those on the droid sabotage mission would have discovered.

Dealing with the FTSA )

And that's all of it. Sorry for how long it all was. As always, direct your questions to the Mod Questions comment!
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Hey everyone, time to get some event stuff going on. Before that, one quick announcement. So this last mission I outsourced a bit of help in coming up with the mission as well as getting it moving. Even writing up parts of it! This help has been from Aly, who plays Buffy Summers and Richard Sharpe. In light of that, she's now agreed to come on board the mod team to help out with all sorts of things.

So everyone give a welcome to Aly! Look, look. She has a mod icon too. Isn't that cool?

Oh yeah, also the weather calendar has been moved here. This also includes missions and events already announced, as well as player plots that you’ve previously arranged with the mods. Many of you have probably already seen this, but if not: here it is!

Times are tough... )

Feel free to ask questions in the mod comment below. The rest of the post can be used for plotting, which we strongly encourage you to do!
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Now we get down to the details of what will go down in the village. This is not entirely finalized stuff, because it is somewhat reactive to what's being plotted by characters. But we'll go through a run down of how things will probably go. This only concerns things in the village during the draft. So if you don't have any characters in the village for this, feel free to disregard.

The Daily Breakdown )

Please put questions in the MOD QUESTIONS thread. If you want your character to be used as a decoy, note that in the DECOY SIGNUP thread. The rest of this post can be used for discussion!
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Hey everyone! By now everyone should be in, so let's start this post out with an Add/Remove list.

Make sure you're properly logged in and go copy-paste that all here. If you think you may still be missing stuff, the entire add/remove list can be found here.

Remember, if you haven't already, make sure to add your character to the Locations page, the Taken Characters page and that you're on the Friend Add/Remove list.


For those just joining us, we already announced an upcoming event last week. It won't start for awhile yet, so be sure to read up on it. I'll go ahead and summarize things up here:

On March 26th, the Battle Dome will be attacked. An army of upgraded droids will be seizing Molly, wrecking Bil's lab, and leaving Bil gravely injured. Characters are allowed to be present during this, but they won't be able to beat the new droids or stop them. It will be up to the people of Luceti to determine what happens to Bil afterward.

On April 1st, characters will be paired up 'randomly' (whatever the players pick basically) into a set of 'host' and 'visitor'. For one day, they will visit the host's world and be able to do anything they want there. Any changes they make will be undone when they return, though. The host will return to their own world at exactly the canon point they were apped from, as well as in the same physical state they were in at that point. This means a character dead in canon can't play host. The visitor will go to another world as they are in Luceti (minus the wings and barcode).

From April 2nd to the 8th, the same set of characters will slip into an 'Alternate Timeline' based on one of the character's world. The person foreign to that world will have their entire life rewritten (or re-experienced) as if they had been a part of that entire world since the moment after their creation/conception. Because this is a plot-based event, there's some particular mechanics that go with it described in detail on the previous post, but don't stress about playing it exactly as prescribed. There's always room for a little accidental variability when it comes to these kinds of things.

This post is primarily for you guys to pair up your characters if you haven't already. You can also feel free to keep posting. For consistency, please keep all your questions to the mods over here on the previous post, so they're all in the same place. Thanks!
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