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Just when everyone thought they were safe

Greetings, Lucetians! It's been a while, hasn't it? All quiet on the western front and all that? Well, first of all, apologies for the lull! We've all been kind of disjointed about what to do with the game until we actually hit endgame, and sorting that out is depressing and motivation-killing, truth be told. But! We are persevering, and it is most definitely in the works. We appreciate your patience, and totally understand any frustrations you guys must be feeling as the game sits in pre-end limbo. Hopefully with this first step we'll be better at communicating what happens and when.

For the moment, however, here's the lowdown, most of which Kath was kind enough to conceptualize:

You know the saying, while the cat's away, the mice will play? Well in this case, the organization has been working like mad for years on end, and the last few months have involved workloads akin to a video game company at crunch time. (As in: overtime pay, ha! Pay with your blood.) They've been so busy that at some point this week, someone looked at the calendar and went, "guys, oh my god, we missed Valentine's Day." And the entire workforce revolted, because what the hell, that shit is their favourite show. There may have been angry picket signs involved. I'm pretty sure someone looted the break room TV.

Long story short, management decided that, you know, for old time's sake (since Romaeus isn't around to crack the whip and go HECK NO YOU MORONS IT'S GAME TIME, and since it was requested by a number of players for totally understandable and hilarious reasons), one last V-Day Shift will occur. And man, it's a doozy. This year's theme is… The Dating Sim.

What's Happening?

This will be pretty free-form. Here are a few options:
  • You can choose to have your character be the very eligible protagonist of their own dating sim. They might see every encounter with another character as a potential relationship-building moment. Or maybe they have no idea they're the protagonist...maybe they never asked for this life in the first place.
  • Your character is one of the dating options for the various protagonists. You can choose to have your character assigned to one particular protagonist, or you can let them protag-hop, trying to woo a number of characters at once. (How naughty...)
  • Both? Both is good. (Albeit complicated.)

Characters can have multiple relationships, either sequentially/one after another or ongoing at the same time. Because hey, the more the merrier, right? Except, you know, when your exes/lovers meet up and fisticuffs occur. (Or maybe they just hook up. You'd feel pretty silly then, wouldn't you?)

Relationships can also have different endings, true to dating-sim formula:
  • Good end: Everything works out and they live happily ever after. Congrats!
  • Neutral end: They break up, they move on, they hook up but it's bittersweet for some reason or another, they never get together at all. Maybe it didn't turn out quite the way you wanted… but things could be worse!
  • Bad end: Fifty Shades of No. The worst. Probably involves a severed head and sailing off into the sunset on a very Nice Boat. Or, you know, fisticuffs. Totally a thing.

What to Expect in Town

Since it's, you know, kind of a Big Deal, being the last year and all, the organization is decorating the place for a good show. The plaza will be decked out in typical holiday fashion for a love-fest-y event, with carnival game booths (so you can win your special someone a stuffed teddy, a common first-date tradition), restaurant decor that is inexplicably red, pink, and white and peppered with hearts and candies, whether you like it or not (because you should love love, dammit), and even a Tunnel of Love. That, uh. Runs through the actual tunnel system. Not that you'd know by looking at it- it's still as dimly lit as ever, but the river running through it is sparkly, the air is warm, and it's the perfect ambiance for a good ol' secret make-out. Though it's pretty much guaranteed that everyone knows what you're in there for, soooooo… good luck with that.

Another fun quirk we usually have on V-Day events are some sort of food or item set that adjusts behaviour/personality to encourage… things... and since this is a nostalgia trip for the organization, some of the booths around town will be displaying decor and treats that some characters may find eerily familiar, although the shift might make them feel drawn to trying them out anyway (search each link page for the first word for detailed info):

And characters wise to the ways of the items above might fall for the new quirk of this year- a flower booth will have certain coloured carnations to present to your significant other(s) with some interesting side effects:
  • Yellow - These flowers will form/increase honesty and trust between characters; they'll be more likely to talk about their lives, spill their secrets, treat their partner as a friend and confidante, even if they're a stranger.
  • White - This flower creates the urgent need to please one's partner. You want to do them favours! Shower them with gifts! Treat them like the wonderful treasure they are!
  • Orange - this flower encourages adventure. An escape from the norm. Your usually introverted character is suddenly interested in having a party! Your stay-at-home slacker wants to explore the world! Or maybe you just decide to have extra-spicy curry with your loved one instead of that hamburger. Be spontaneous, try something new. You might enjoy it.
  • Red - The colour of desiiiiiiiire~! In other words, things might get a little… heavy. Truth is, this flower will encourage the loss of inhibitions and nudge characters into doing what they really desire, damn the consequences. The red flower comes in gradients, so a light red will bring on more chaste gestures of love (hand-holding, kisses) while a darker red would push characters into gettin' more frisky.
  • Mixed Colour - flowers with two or more different coloured petals are beautiful but dangerous; they urge characters to find conflicts, either with one another or the world around them, and bring them to light. Maybe you notice a flaw in your lover that you were too polite to bring up before, or maybe you think they're being too clingy. Maybe they just think the restaurant's decor is tacky and their partner loves it. Big things, little things- couples fight over plenty of issues! However, as the saying goes: never go to bed angry. The flower also urges the couple to resolve the issue by the end of the day.

These may affect one, or both parties involved; player discretion advised.

Additionally, on March 4th, there will be an official Hot Springs Day! Residents will be encouraged to make use of the hot springs resort in the mountain to hang out, relax, and warm up those toesie-wosies. The spring area is separated to ladies-and-gents sections to encourage gossip and peeping, because what's a good romance without an embarrassing misunderstanding, eh? Eh!? This is not enforced, however, so if Law wants to go sit with the girls and discuss Itachi's dick size or something, it's totally chill.

Anything Else?

Actually, yes. Since this is the last time this will ever happen for the organization, because they are totally ditching this place before this time next year, a handful of extremely bored interns have decided that they need to immortalize it. It's their favourite show, remember? So, throughout the duration of the event, characters may notice that the village has suddenly gained a documentary crew. They might be in your face trying to interview you on your feelings. They might be hiding in the bushes disguised (badly) as a tree and secretly filming your blustery love confession. Either way, they're getting every juicy tidbit they can record, livestreamed to their home base for posterity (and security), and they're not asking permission first. This is for the sake of history, after all.

And sure, you can get mad. You can yell and scream at the total invasion of privacy. You can punch the camera man. You can break their equipment. But that just means they'll totally be outside your window twice as much tomorrow, and you can bet that they'll be posting your sex tape on Featherbook later. (Itachi's dick gets about 200 likes.)

On the flipside, friendlier characters who are able to focus on something beyond their twitterpatedness could potentially pester the interns for info about the status of the organization. Responses may vary and be annoyingly vague due to all that red tape business (plus they're interns, who trusts them with important info, right), but get them buttered up/drunk enough and they might blab something good.

As per usual, this experiment is OPTIONAL, so if you'd rather have your character unaffected and boggling at the madness, feel free.

The event will begin on February 28th (12:01 AM EST) and end March 6th (11:59 PM EST). Any questions? Ask them in the mod thread below! Happy lovin'!

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