Feb. 25th, 2015

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Greetings, Lucetians! It's been a while, hasn't it? All quiet on the western front and all that? Well, first of all, apologies for the lull! We've all been kind of disjointed about what to do with the game until we actually hit endgame, and sorting that out is depressing and motivation-killing, truth be told. But! We are persevering, and it is most definitely in the works. We appreciate your patience, and totally understand any frustrations you guys must be feeling as the game sits in pre-end limbo. Hopefully with this first step we'll be better at communicating what happens and when.

For the moment, however, here's the lowdown, most of which Kath was kind enough to conceptualize:

You know the saying, while the cat's away, the mice will play? Well in this case, the organization has been working like mad for years on end, and the last few months have involved workloads akin to a video game company at crunch time. (As in: overtime pay, ha! Pay with your blood.) They've been so busy that at some point this week, someone looked at the calendar and went, "guys, oh my god, we missed Valentine's Day." And the entire workforce revolted, because what the hell, that shit is their favourite show. There may have been angry picket signs involved. I'm pretty sure someone looted the break room TV.

Long story short, management decided that, you know, for old time's sake (since Romaeus isn't around to crack the whip and go HECK NO YOU MORONS IT'S GAME TIME, and since it was requested by a number of players for totally understandable and hilarious reasons), one last V-Day Shift will occur. And man, it's a doozy. This year's theme is… The Dating Sim.

All Those Juicy Romantic Deets )

As per usual, this experiment is OPTIONAL, so if you'd rather have your character unaffected and boggling at the madness, feel free.

The event will begin on February 28th (12:01 AM EST) and end March 6th (11:59 PM EST). Any questions? Ask them in the mod thread below! Happy lovin'!


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