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Time after time...

Howdy, paaaartners. Come gather 'round the chuck wagon 'cause it's time for another mod post.

So you’re back a few hundred years in the past. That’s mighty neat. But now I reckon you’re wondering what else there is to do, and how much your character can affect the future. Here are some examples, so take a real good look:

  • Head to the tunnels and leave a message for the future! AKA troll the hell out of future generations
  • Leave a tree in the middle of someone's future house!
  • Build something to leave to your great-great-great-greeeat grand-self (or, you know, for the rest of the village too)
  • Finish off the community buildings and houses, or build village shops and landmarks
  • Put a dead pig in the foundation of someone’s house when it’s getting poured, so the house will always smell bad.
  • Leave children behind and be terrible parents
  • Salt the earth so that nothing can live!! Or plant new orchards and farms that will be plentiful by the time you get back, if you have to be nice about it
  • Tinker with current technology to make way for more advanced technology in the future
  • Go crazy, find your own things to do, be amazing! Just don't eat the bugs - or do and see what happens you monster

However, whatever you decide to do, please get mod approval down below before you do anything too drastic. This will help us track what's happening and give you an idea of how far you can go.

Some of you have had questions about the past townspeople (AKA the random background NPCS), so to give you an idea of what they’re like and what the “climate” of the town is, Here are some snippets of conversation your character may be hearing around town:

  • “The town is looking livelier these days...we haven’t had this many people around since before, well, you know…”

  • “At least when I showed up, I didn’t bring a whole church basement potluck’s worth of people with me! Back then, you were on your own until someone came along and found you!”

  • “The red guy has been pretty quiet for a while now. I mean, especially quiet. Advanced quiet. He still creeps me out a little…”

  • “Maybe if we ended up with so many here, it means there were less for the other guys to get a hold of...right?”

  • “I don’t know, Tyr doesn’t seem to mind having them around, and what’s good enough for Tyr is good enough for me.”

  • “I don’t know why we don’t just get somebody to Shift the new building into existence… I guess some people just like doing things the old-fashioned way.”

  • “Wonder if any of the other towns got hit as hard with newcomers, or if it’s just us that get all the luck.”

  • “Haven’t heard much from those raving lunatics lately...makes me nervous, you know? Yeah, yeah, I shouldn’t call ‘em that because it’s ‘insensitive’ or whatever, but my mama taught me to never tell a lie.”

Now, what if your character feels too claustrophobic in the village and wants to see the outside world like never before?! Well, they can do that too! SOON, characters are going to have the opportunity to go out and explore the outside world! They may come across very familiar landmarks they've seen before on missions and drafts--albeit different-looking due to the difference in time--and maybe even some new places too. Let us know if you are interested in having your character explore a particular area, and we can provide details for what they might see. Gather a merry band of men (and women!) together to make the journey! There is no power cap outside of the barrier, so you can’t be tamed!

Be warned that if your character does decide to go out and explore, they may miss out on some of the goings-ons in the village itself. World exploration is a time-consuming affair, after all! But with your efforts… Who knows, maybe you'll be able to map out the world itself. Provided you have a cartographer, of course. ;) So please keep that in mind if you decide to send your character out on an extended exploration trip.

Of course, there's plenty more to come during this all this timey wimey business. We've got something big coming up that was hinted at in John's post, and more details will be forthcoming soon. Of course, as always, any questions should be directed down below.
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Rofl okay bear with me this post had me assuming that questions are the vogue (a sort of do it your selfer thing?) so I've actually got a number here.

1) "Be warned that if your character does decide to go out and explore, they may miss out on some of the goings-ons in the village itself." - Okay so if you want to keep that close to the chest (or it's just unknown) that totally makes sense to me, but if you could give even a skeletal timetable of the big-big plot stuff and when you expect those might happen (like just the liasons with the General) that might be nice for plotting purposes

2) Given that they do have allies in other villages (presumably other enclosures) are there means of transportation outside the barrier which they have set up (IE: flying machines, trains, teleporter pads powered by Shifting, etc) to allow for better contact between them? Or would any exploring be on out own power?

3) Actually on that note given that it is a whole world and someone might want to go to somewhere not necessarily close to Luceti, could I push you guys for a rough map of what'll be Region 6 in the future, or at least the area directly around this village? If not, what if characters asked around here if people in this village could give them any maps, either of the area around this village, the area around other villages, or any other maps they could give them?

4) “The town is looking livelier these days...we haven’t had this many people around since before, well, you know…” -- What if our characters were to hear something like that and followup ask what they are talking about. The mood I've gotten from the NPCs is that they're generally more helpful and open than a lot of other ones we've worked with so I figure it's worth a shot.

5) Actually on that note Masaomi at least would be asking around to see if anyone in the village's met or heard of some of the NPCs we know from the future who stand any chance of being this old, both my name and physical/personality description (some of them are longshots admittedly, but most of these we know have lived at least two lifetimes, and some of them like Bil, Zompano, and Gzork presumably many more). So if there's anything to be heard about the following that'd be great: Zompano, Bil, Hoi Hideken, Kovan Foster, Gzork, Alice, CJ, and the Commandant (note that with the last one he wouldn't be asking about her by that name, more her description, because obviously that title wouldn't exist now)

6) Okay so this one's actually a little selfish because Masaomi wouldn't really ask about him but in the event other people would/my own curiosity, same as all the ones in #5, is there anything to be heard about Jacob by name or description? (this one I'm seeing as a lot more of a longshot but I couldn't help myself)

7) The tunnels only seem to be connected through the school given there's no access on the map. Do we have free (or ask permission from Romeaus/Tyr I guess) access to them circa John's new post? If so I've probably got some follow up questions given the suggestion to write things there.

8) On John's post there is a mention of the main meeting there. Are there any particularly noteworthy points which would come up from the NPC villagers and/or Tyr at that main meeting in particular? Or are we going to get some sort of follow up comment about it? I confess it got me curious.

I know there's a number here (and I might have some follow ups) but I'm getting in the spirit of trying to figure out what I'm doing from here and I hope it'll help some other people too! So thanks in advance for the answers.
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Man I don't blame you, I knew I was being a bit indulgent. I'll be counting on the post for most of that, but some follow ups on the tunnel: If we have Access to The Wall, what about the technology that surrounded it? Is any of that operable at this time, or is all of that already defunct? Also, do we have access to the elevator there to go down further to the locked rooms or those deep tunnels were Twila was? not that we necessarily would, just to check

Oh and I guess as a side-bar: if Twila's already dead Zompano has to be in this world somehow based on some stuff we already knew, so what if he was described? Anyone seen someone who looks like that? I just noticed Pi asked that below, rofl. Nevermind.

( and by someone you mean they know the names but if you asked more they would be describing other people? Just to make sure I'm on the same page )

Oh! And if you were to ask the villagers who their allies/the other towns are, would you get the names of any other villages or bases specifically? If so, what might some of them be?
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[personal profile] saltprince 2014-10-27 12:49 am (UTC)(link)
Are there any traits attributed to the different regions if you talked it out with someone? ... Unless that'll be answered somewhere else?
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[personal profile] generalflirt 2014-10-27 09:46 pm (UTC)(link)
More or less to be to be sure they could be like "oh yeah there's a port off to our west, some enclosure to the south, one up to the north, the nomads on another continent, then the uncarted places across the sea" or would it be even more vague?

(or could be be more specific like "the people in the enclosure to the south tend to be jerks but the ones to the north are legit")
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[personal profile] savedtheworld 2014-10-23 12:33 am (UTC)(link)
So what would have happened if someone else had opened John's journal?
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[personal profile] niceguypose 2014-10-24 02:31 pm (UTC)(link)

Also, I'm curious about what happens to characters who were mallynapped prior to everyone going back in time. Are they locked in the 'present' or will they be rerouted to the 'past' whenever the rogues try returning them?
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[personal profile] pokeboy 2014-10-23 01:53 am (UTC)(link)
Hi. When the opportunity to leave the village comes up, will we be given information on the surrounding areas to help us figure out where our characters might end up without first having to ask the moderators about it? And then we can ask you for more details we might want to know?

Edit: Also, are you suggesting we make plans for this exploration event now? Or to be ready to make plans? Since it seems hard right now to make any when we don't know anything about how the chance to explore is coming up, but it reads like we should be preparing now?

- In the IC village meeting entry, are we going to have a post to tell us what the main meeting has held by Tyr? Was there a reason on holding off on posting the main meeting? Maybe to do with the one with John and Julia, and the mods thinking that something might happen during that one that would affect the one in an hour?

- Would the NPCs of the past be interested in talking to people about the future? I'm sure there are people interested in helping Luceti's growth, and so there may have been some who asked about what they have then, and then what they might be able to bring to Luceti in time?

I ask because I think some characters might not mind getting behind helping with projects, but not move by themselves to start it, but there's nothing to say there are NPCs who would help to encourage these ideas? Such as a building that might be create or just been created being used as an Welcome Centre, maybe even the idea of a Welcome Guide being put together, etc.

Ideas that some players might not mind taking for themselves and playing out in the game.
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[personal profile] pokeboy 2014-10-24 05:29 pm (UTC)(link)
I guess I'm confused about how it's to be run, but I suspect the moderators will provide more information when the time comes. I wasn't thinking about specific landmarks being revealed so much, just that we're being given free reign to ask about certain past locations without even knowing anyway how exactly far those locations might be in the first past, and thus even viable for characters to find, which is what really confused me.

Ah, and I totally forgot about the keeping the future a secret aspect, I think with reading Tyr's post, but I know that's locked up. Pardon for forgetting about that!

(But mooodddd, I want to build a death raaaay.)
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[personal profile] hotboss 2014-10-23 04:09 am (UTC)(link)
evening, friends! would a community-wide log be put up for those who want to explore?
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[personal profile] feistytrader 2014-10-23 07:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Could we be given a general idea of the environment outside of Luceti? Like, what areas can we explore, what are they like, what kind of people will we run into, is there anything dangerous outside, are there areas with more natural shifts than others, what kind of creatures live outside the barrier, are there any other enclosures within traveling distance of us?

If the npcs could always come and go from the barrier (or I think this is the case? I don't remember where I got this information so if I'm wrong my bad but uh either way,) is there an IC reason why our characters couldn't head outside of the barrier before now/"soon"? Is it possible to assume that our characters were exploring beforehand/backdate the exploration?

For changes we can do to the setting, Silver brought some Pokémon world berries along (the basic berries and a couple of others) and I was wondering if he could plant some in the forest (and hopefully there will be a respectable wild population of them when they return to the future) and give some to the farmers (you should really plant and grow these they can heal wounds and burns and these ones are just really tasty). Is that cool?
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[personal profile] fellpool 2014-10-23 08:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Would it be feasible for Leon to teleport or set up teleporters outside of the enclosure? I imagine it could go either way, with the natural shifts out there, so I thought I'd ask.

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[personal profile] fellpool 2014-10-25 05:36 am (UTC)(link)
The first set to the hot springs took a few months (I think three or four, but I can look it up when I have more time) because Leon had to figure out how to set up the symbols. I believe Toph made the stone containers via earthbending, and then metal doors were attached, so actual construction didn't take very long.

The second set to the beach took several weeks because Sokka had to physically build the metal containers, then one of the containers was transported out to the fort.

Leon can set up the symbols pretty quickly. So Leon's really limited by how quickly someone can create the containers.
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[personal profile] fellpool 2014-10-25 02:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, I'd definitely plot to see if it was possible, if the idea's approved!

They would function the same way, only capable of transporting from one set point to another set point. Ideally, Leon and his construction helper(s) would set one up right outside the barrier, and then build another one to transport them back once they've finished exploring. So it'd only be useful to the group that's traveling with him.
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[personal profile] endgames 2014-10-25 05:19 am (UTC)(link)
1. How will the journals work for people leaving the barrier to explore? Like is there a range here, can they still contact people in the village, etc?

2. About that access to the tunnels, and The Wall. Shikamaru here has something of an eidetic memory. Can I ask if any of the examples we were given from what it says in the present match up to anything on it here now in the past? (or maybe new examples of past ones if you're feeling generous, but that's just me wondering, don't feel obligated to indulge me there)

3. This is a bit of a longshot, but Shikamaru would be asking around IC about a few certain people, particularly with scientists where possible (casual chatting, he doesn't want to irritate them by distracting them from their work). His approach would be to ask if they've heard of a certain three people, as they all happen to be scientists themselves.

Zompano would be the first (giving a physical description in case the guy's using an alias). The other two are even bigger longshots, but he'd be asking about Sallis Kal, and also a man named Mikael. Any chance that'd ring bells for anyone?

4. If Shikamaru struck up a conversation with the Filials about the spirits in the enclosure, what would they think of them? Also I know Twila is sealed already, but is there anyone around who knows what it is? (And if yes, why it was sealed)

5. OKAY, specific locations. You mentioned ones from missions and the like. I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to be going about this, but I know the ones I (and Shikamaru) are most interested in are Desset City and the Historic Route Six-to-Four (namely I wonder what's historic about it). Also with the latter, we learned that that road connects to Region 4, which is an area we know nothing about it. So seeing if that can be explored maybe?

6. For stuff we know that's closer to Luceti, how about the Ruins of the Lab in the mountains? Are those not ruins yet? And is the temple still around in the desert? If you went far enough past it could we find Kin'cora, or maybe the ocean?
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[personal profile] tsundroid 2014-10-22 03:58 pm (UTC)(link)
18 is definitely keen to get out of the barrier and explore, given how much her abilities have been nuked down. Not that that's a lot considering DBZ but...
ANYHOW. If anyone wants to go out amongst the wilds and needs a --tank-- fighter to go along with them, hit me up. I'm eager to get her out and socializing with other people.

Opal is likely to stay behind for a while and help finish building things up in the village. If there are any parties going out fairly late/after things are built up more, I definitely want to send Opal with them! :3
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[personal profile] showsomepeg 2014-10-23 01:26 am (UTC)(link)
Hiccup is definitely interested in helping build the village up. While he can't lift as much as a grown man, he can craft things (metal, leather, w/e) and will be looking to help in that regard.
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[personal profile] lordhotman 2014-10-23 05:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Zuko will be among the first to go exploring with Eley and whoever else they go with.

Wan Shi Tong though will be staying in the village. Wan Shi Tong is practically a living library so anyone can ask him anything since he pretty much read all that he possibly could back before they got sent to the past.

[personal profile] pokeboy 2014-10-23 08:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Red has been helping out on the farmlands, though with one I've been thinking he has been able to help expand their land to be used for growing on later on (clearing off weeds and levelling after amateur double-digging), helped by his pokémon (Snorlax and Venusaur, who even without the power cap are rather large and handy). Red was also helped out by Special!Red ([personal profile] bravefighter) and his pokémon.

Granted the weather made it so he hasn't been able to do too much with this and probably only one 1 farmland with the rainy weather! But that's a thing.

Another thing is planting pokémon berries around. These berries were being grown in the future (on the farmlands, the house with the most of the pokémon cast also had these berries in their garden). Red had quite a few he brought along, and the main berries in Luceti were the ten in the list starting from cheri to sitrus. As long as the moderators doesn't mind their existence, they've been getting planted around in multiple locations, some hopefully in the farmlands!

They're mostly used on pokémon, but I don't know if there would be anything to stop them from being used on people (or even putting them into mixtures than being eaten in their normal forms for people). Each of the berries have some kind of healing property to them, and Red would tell any NPC on the farmlands about this (and he is talking to another character in the game about if they could be used in potions too!).
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[personal profile] whiskytraitorfirefight 2014-10-23 10:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Ginia will be heading out to explore, not sure if she's tagging along with an existing group or forming one with others.

Also Ginia, Saori, and Ash planted some apple and pear trees just west of C1/Flame Building. They planted them in the shape of a smiley face so that's something new to see in the present village.
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[personal profile] that_is_asecret 2014-10-26 02:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Xellos will be heading out to explore after planting a few trees around, and leaving a cryptic note about a super secret ritual with powerful magic , which will do nothing more than create magical light shaped like cherry blossoms after completing it.

Iroh will be staying in the village and instructing people in the importance of tea, and getting some tea leaves planted. It will become an important thing in the future. As well, he will be attempting to impart some wisdom along with some practical martial arts.

Deadpool will be getting the hell out of dodge and exploring, likely injuring, annoying, and otherwise causing havoc. Before he goes he'll introduce chimichangas to the populace, because seriously how do they not have those.