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[If you listen closely, you'll start to hear soft giggles from around the village. As the day goes on, the village begins to decorate itself with flowers and silky streamers in preparation for the celebration on Tuesday. Watch as the day goes on, and as the sun sets, you will see twinkling lights that are responsible for the decorations~.]

What's going on? )
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My goodness, you poor things. All of you seem so angry and confused. Please allow me to be of some assistance to you. My name is Carole. I am one of the original Filial that are still around this village. I have seen how lost most of you seem and am here to give guidance. Please ask me anything you need.

I will answer some basic questions for you all right now, just to save time.

First of all, food. There is plenty of food around this village, both in the shops and out in the forest. I recommend visiting Effie's store for the best food though. She always had the best products. Don't worry about paying, we have no money here, and the shop will restock itself with food after you take some. It wasn't always like this, but it seems that our captors are "generous" enough to keep us supplied with food. I do hope you all can find something you like there.

As for housing. Some of you may have woken up in a house, and others of you may move in once you find the village. I do not know how the Malnosso have set up your living arrangements, but you should find our homes to be quite comfortable. Most of our homes fit up to four people comfortably. Us Filial were a family oriented race and liked larger houses. You should find bathrooms with tubs, toilets, and sinks there too. We did not create these, mind you, but they somehow are there now.

If you all wish to, there is a school on the western edge of the town for you to visit. It is the large building with the wing crest on the front? Yes, that is where I am staying. I was once the head teacher of the school, before all my students... passed on.

I do feel sorry for all of you, and you have my best wishes for staying well here. Luceti was once a wonderful place, but you all must hate it right now. Again, you can ask me anything and I will do my best to answer.

Yours, Carole

[[So yeah, this journal will be shared by the Malnosso and the NPCs. Just look for the icon to know who is speaking. You can also tell by the tone of the entry. ^^ Carole is a nice lady, so feel free to ask her questions]]


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