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Greetings. It has been far too long since our last exchange of words, and my, there are quite a few newcomers. We welcome you. However, as it is fairly rude to invite guests and not provide entertainment, for you we will supply a riddle.

What surrounds, yet is formless? What cannot be seen, and yet is all that can be seen?

Answer: the darkness. Enjoy the night, little mice.

[[ooc: Event start! A gentle one to break in the newcomers; basically no sun, moon or stars. Complete and utter lack of natural light. Fires and lanterns are of course permitted, but that's all the light you're going to get. The event begins now and ends one week from now, at twelve o' clock AM EST Wednesday evening/Thursday morning. You may respond to this post in character for fun or out of character for questions, but please specify which in the subject line.]]
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You all will just be so cute. ♥

Yaaay events~ )
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You all are so interesting. ♥

What shall you do now?

Addition to Itsuki!event... )
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This should be interesting~. ♥

Event!! )
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Event time~~~ )
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Run and hide, little mice.

Run and hide. ♥

[[Event time~ )]]
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We think it would be nice to have some smaller mice around for a while~.

How cute. ♥

[[Well, here we are folks. The Chibi event won by one vote. Meaning that it goes first and starts now! Details under here]] )
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Enjoy the weather~. ♥

Some stuff to read )
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Hmm, are the little mice depressed? Let's so something to fix that, shall we?

[[Yay! Experiment number two! Here's the info )!!!]]

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Let's see if the little mice can swim, shall we? ♥
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You little mice are all so noisy~. We think we'll have to just drown you out for a while. ♥

[[Yup, this is it guys! First event! For details, click the cut!

Cut!]] )
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Well well, it looks like we have quite the little group of test subjects now, don't we~?

It has been very entertaining watching all of you scamper about like lab mice, trying to figure out where you are. But we suppose it's time to let you all know a little bit of information. It's no fun keeping you completely in the dark, now is it?

Who are we? Well, you can simply call us the Malnosso. None of you need to know our individual names. We arrived here in this world a while ago and have been running tests on the Filial inhabitants of this village for quite some time. Unfortunately, not all of the winged beings living here could, a hah, handle our little experiments. We started to lose subjects, and decided we needed more.

You all were quite easy to pluck from your homes and alter. And we must say, it was also very... entertaining~. We're sure none of your remember the process, but each of you reacted quite uniquely to the alterations. Most of you bled quite a bit. You should thank us for stopping that~.

Ah, we think that's enough for now. Continue as you were, little subjects~.

And please remember, you all belong to us now. ♥

[[Yes, feel free to talk back to them. They will be quite snarky in return]]


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