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Notes to keep in mind throughout this draft:
  • If you want to participate in this draft, you must sign up at the announcement post.
  • Communications back to Luceti will be completely impossible; draftees (and later reinforcements) will be able to use their journals to communicate with each other, but the range will be extremely limited to no more than a quarter mile of distance.
  • There will be no power limit set--all characters will be at full power for this draft.
  • No limits will be set on equipment that the draftees bring with them. They will, in fact, be encouraged to bring their own weapons.
  • Enemy units will include: Foot soldiers, Elites, Shifters, Dream Shifters, Shift Hunters (commonly armored) Details on them are on the Nitpicker's Guide.
  • There will be no scanners for this draft until the reinforcements arrive; prior to that cultists must be incapacitated, imprisoned, or killed.
  • Zompania, while smaller in population than Luceti, is a more structurally developed and larger enclosure. Please see the map here
  • The barrier around the enclosure of Zompania will be down the entire time. If you wish your character to suffer from shift afflictions, please feel free to do so. Otherwise, don’t worry about it.


Zompania Map )
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We’ve hinted subtly and not-so-subtly, and I’m sure at this point our gleeful cackling has given us away. That’s right, kids, it’s time for a draft!

Dies irae, dies illa, solvet saeclum in favilla. )

As always, please direct questions to the Mod Questions section!
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Alright everyone, here’s your draft details! Keep an eye out for a Malnosso post about to be posted to set things up. You’ll be able to use it to have your characters react and start making preparations for the battle.

Draft Details )

As always, please put your questions in the MOD QUESTIONS thread below. Remember, you can still sign up here!
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Hello everyone! It's that time again for your latest dose of the friend add/delete.

Copy and paste all of the above into here! Just make sure you're logged into the right account.

Also, just as a note, I've started maintaining the f-list on the lucetimods account more frequently (in lieu of my normal character account.) So that means you should be able to use the lucetimods read page for following the game. It follows all the comms except for trainingwings and lucetiooc.

Just some reminders to new folk: Be sure to hit up the following pages:
Taken Characters
And if you weren’t on the list above, then you need to head to the Add/Remove page!


Lucies in the sky with diamonds )

As always, please direct questions to the Mod Questions section!
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Okay, one last thing for the draft! We've received some concerns about how the cure will progress. We know it's short notice, but bear with us. So what we need is someone to find the key to the cure. There's one man who can help with that. Korras Blake. Who will find him? Well, the only fair way is to let everyone have a shot. Here's some criteria for signing up:

1. Your character is still on the draft as of the 30th.

2. Your character is not infected and can tough out the conditions present in Vaskoth.

3. They need to have a chance influencing him. Korras responds well to people who are smart and cunning like him. Reckless heroism is what he considers stupid and suicidal. He won't give anything to people who can't talk him into it.

4. Tough enough to survive any zombies, shift hunters, armed survivors, or whatever else is out there.

If you're like your character to do such, sign up here. Tonight at 12AM EST, I'll be in lucetiplot on AIM to use the chatroom's built in random number generator to select the person who will thread with him on the 31st. The 'winner' will be able to choose one other person to accompany them.

If Korras is talked into it, he'll participate in the creation of a cure. If successful, it will be in their best interest to relay this information to the Malnosso. Ideally he should be available to work with from 8PM (Vaskothan time) on the 30th. This will give them nearly twenty hours to create a cure.

Also, a small note. Once the cure is created and Carol or Davis has relayed the news, the Malnosso will call off the bomb so they can mass produce it and send in droids to administer it. Those who are uninfected (and not already evacuated) will be returned to Luceti at 4PM and the infected will be returned at about 9PM on the 31st. They will be free from the infection, but they will have to heal from the physical strain placed on their body, on top of any other injuries.
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Hey all! In case you missed it: draft infodump modpost and IC draft announcement! A log for the actual draft will be posted later tomorrow/later today. Additionally, players are organizing a cure for the zombie-ness, so if you want to get involved in that, it's over here!

With that out of the way, you might be wondering -- what's the village got to contend with while the draftees are off battling zombies and curing what ails'em? Well, we're looking for a more rollicking good Halloweeny time than a horrorfest, so we went to the suggestions you guys offered up on the last post and cobbled a few of them together into one big spookstravaganza.

Starting on the 28th, a few unexpected but atmospheric things will spring up around the enclosure:
  • Throughout this entire time, the heavy misty fog scheduled for the village's weather will deepen and intensify. At first, it's most prevalent at dusk and in the mornings; however, as the week progresses? Even daylight hours are troubled by the stuff.
  • A corn-maze will be Shifted into existence on the otherwise harvested farmlands. Due to the maze's Shifty nature, its solution will change almost nightly. For those who dare to tread its paths -- twisty and labyrinthine to the point of characters getting lost for quite a few hours -- there will be a reward of sorts at the centre: half of the time these rewards will be essentially unhelpful, such as a CD for someone without a player or coffee filters for someone who can’t stand the stuff. But the remainder of the rewards will be Halloweencentric gifts, most notably candy and decorations. Also, maze-solvers may find costumes tailored perfectly to their size; this would be a great opportunity for folks who might have been dragging their heels when it comes to picking out their costume for any upcoming Halloween bashes, or for those amongst the villagers who just can’t perfect the art of making their own.
  • October's final week will see an upswing in Luceti's rat, bat, and spider populations. They seem to be everywhere! Skittering through the plaza, swooping between buildings, and stretching webs across walkways. Some of them might even seem a little larger than is usual. Curiously, they don't utter any words like Luceti's typical animals do. Wear hats to stave off the dreaded bat-tangle and watch out for cobwebs!
  • But the main event will come with the setting of the sun. Starting Sunday night, a slow trickle of ghostly apparitions will bustle their way into town. Although Halloween night is still a few days off, they won't hesitate to clatter at front doors and demand sugary tribute. If satisfied, they'll continue on their reveling way; however, if homeowners and apartment-dwellers refuse to indulge their sweet-tooths? These ghosts might just decide to play some pranks. It ain't called trick-or-treating for nothing! For every night leading up to Halloween, and once the ghosts have gathered enough goodies, they'll gather in the plaza for a raucous party. There will be cartoonishly eerie music played by transparent musicians and ghoulish banquet tables filled with their candy hauls. They'll gladly share their merry-making with villagers who chance joining them -- but only if those villagers can withstand the joking, pranking, and antagonizing that seems to typify their nightly fun.

    Okay. Let's unpack some more info about our visitors. They're not here to hurt people or traumatize anyone. Rather, they want to throw an excellent multiple day shindig and have a load of fun. Some of the pranks they may pull include egging, soaping, or toilet-papering houses and people; filling shoes and boots up with any sort of squishy substance like jello or whipped cream; swapping kitchen salt with kitchen sugar; glueing shiny things to the ground to giggle at those who try and pick them up. And any other pranks you may want to have pulled on your characters. Really -- as long as it's a good old prank? Go for it. Don't feel limited by the above list of pure examples.

    The nightly parties in the village centre will include harvest festival style decorations: lots of reds and yellows and oranges, as well as pumpkins galore and straw-people. Hay-bales for seats. For every night involved, the fountain will (once the sun begins to set) turn into a giant bonfire. The music will be loud and anyone living near the heart of the village could find it disturbing their sleep -- and it doesn't matter how many times you ask them to knock if off or keep it down. Really, it only makes them louder.

    A great source for inspiration on how these ghosts are more eager to make friends through mayhem than traumatize anyone can be found here. Much thanks to Bayley for linking the video in her suggestion! You can imagine that many of the ghosts will look as cartoonesque as these, but feel free to go beyond this. An equally viable inspiration would be the school ghosts seen in Hogwarts -- caricatures of themselves, complete with funny clothes and annoying quirks. Although they certainly will not lack a touch of the macabres, such as the musician’s instruments may be made of bone. And -- certainly -- some will stick out more than others. One particularly curmudgeonly ghost manages to knock over benches and trashcans wherever he goes, inside or out. And they will be getting inside, drifting right on through your closed doors and solid walls to perhaps join you for a meal or rouse you from a good dream. Another ghost might have a terribly frightful sneeze that sounds like a foghorn. Go wild!

    However, come the 31st, the ghosts are gonna realize they have some competition! Apparently, some ponies are throwing some kind of Nightmare Night and once the ghosts realize their own party has been upstaged, they'll melt away like so many miffed, indignant socialites. But my goodness, what a mess they’ve left behind. The area around the fountain now looks like a bunch of college kids had a wacky harvest-themed kegger and all those candy wrappers and smashed pumpkins aren’t cleaning up themselves. In fact, the fun times seems to have rolled their way all around town, leaving a tempest of litter: food, discarded masks, and other detritus makes the whole town look as though it probably has the geographical equivalent of a hangover.

    Overall it's harmless fun, no? To sum it up, the main ghostly event runs from the 28th to the 31st, at which point Nightmare Night can begin. The two should be able to run in conjuncture- the ghosts won't cause too much of a ruckus during the set-up, or at least no more than they're dishing out to the rest of the village.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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    Hey everyone, here are the draft details we promised you. We’re going to toss them at you first with a timeline of events, an idea of what sort of threats needs to be dealt with, along with some answers to the questions asked in the last post. If you still haven’t signed your characters up for the draft but would now like to, please do so here. We’ll have another post soon for the village-side event.




    Q&A )


    Whew! And that’s a wrap. As always, use this post to plot, ask questions, or wonder how on earth you read all this.
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    It ain’t just our 5-year anniversary, it’s also...October! Happy October, folks! We have wonderful October gifts for you! Kinda. Not really. Not unless you really like the gift of zombies. And then there might just be something wrong with you. But wait. Hey, look at that weather page. Does it say TORNADO tomorrow? In MY Luceti?
    tornados and zombies and spooky halloween suggesions -- oh my! )
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    Okay guys, here's your draft info. Because there is a LOT here, we'll have a separate post for what will go on in the village. So if you're not on the draft, feel free to skip over this post (unless you're just curious!). There's a lot of info here, but the important thing is people are in space and get to fight bad guys. So don't worry too much if this info bomb is too much for you.

    Concerning the battle )

    NPCs and the Third Party )

    Timeline of events )

    Which is EVERYTHING for this draft. As always, use the MOD QUESTIONS thread for any questions you have.
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    So, you guys have seen a few hints of what's going down. A promise for a draft, a vague threat from the Malnosso, and some really nasty weather. Well here's where it all comes together. First, let's talk about the Draft.

    No, scratch that. First GO DO YOUR ACTIVITY CHECK! In fact, you're not allowed to look at the rest of this post until you do. I'm serious. You'll be in so much trouble if you try and skip it!


    The Battlefield )

    Back in Luceti... )

    Ask questions and discuss here! Remember to keep all your questions for the mods in the MOD QUESTIONS thread. Thanks!
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    Draft starts the 15th! Today is the 12th. Crikey! But first off, isn't there something you're forgetting?


    Go take care of that before you even think about bothering with the rest of this post!

    How To Sign Up! )

    Battle Details )
    Tagging the Third Party )

    That's about it, then. Questions, comments, plotting? All of it goes here. Remember, the draft lasts until the 19th! For everyone not going, there will be blizzard-like weather from the 15th (after the draftees have left) that will subside on the 17th. See? We all get to suffer together.
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    Hello everyone! So. It's December. But we're still doing stuff, dammit! First off, this is a little overdue, but have the friend/add for this last cycle. All of them. Add 'em!

    Copy paste the above into here to get all the latest new adds and removes!

    All the stuff for December! )

    And that's all! We'll have more information on the draft and the Fourth Wall later. Mod questions in the first thread, as always.
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    So it looks like we have four captains, and three ships. Let the war for command begin!

    Since the captains are supposed to be selected ICly, only those going out on the draft should be voting, and only vote for the captains that your character specifically would choose. Please pick THREE of the four captains in the following list! (And don't cheat 8|)

    [Poll #1772326]

    You've got until tomorrow morning |D
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    Wowzers this is a lot of people

    I don't like it anymore than you men )

    That's all folks! Feel free to ask questions and such, or use this post to plot with other people concerning the the draft. There will be two threads on top of this post, for asking questions and for accepting with your character(s).
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    Okay, those details! Quick reference. Draft starts on Friday the 3rd and will last until the 6th. There, with that out of the way, let's look at our list.

    Not-So-Final Draft List )

    Battle Details )
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    No really, the number of characters here is entirely coincidental!

    Tentative draft list; PLEASE READ DETAILS )

    That's all folks! Feel free to ask questions and such, or use this post to plot with other people concerning the the draft. There will be two threads on top of this post, for asking questions and for accepting with your character(s).
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    Okay guys, are you ready for some major tl;dr? Neither am I. But let's get it over with. Also, there are some additional draftees to this list! So if you weren't on the last list, be sure to peek in here and check, so you don't risk missing out.

    Not-So-Final Draft List )

    Additional Draftees )

    Departure/Quarters )

    Battle Details )
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    You know what they say, right? All's fair in Love and War.

    Tentative draft list; PLEASE READ DETAILS )

    That's all folks! Feel free to ask questions and such, or use this post to plot with other people concerning the the draft.
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    Okay children, eyes up here. Some draft-related information. But those of you not in the draft, don't scroll away! This will matter to you. First of all, the RECRUITMENT SIGNUPS have been cleared out for all characters currently on the draft. Everyone is welcome to sign up their characters again.

    Some voting please )
    Is it wet in here or is it just me? )

    Questions? Comments? Put 'em here.
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