Sep. 14th, 2014

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Hey Lucetians, a few announcements for you!

1) Here is this month's friend add-remove, to be copy-pasted here:

2) It wasn't logged or announced previously, but Luceti officially won the Featherbowl, yay! Congratulations to everyone who no longer cares because you're not in college anymore and what is football anyway. /o/ However, there is one perk to this development: the Battle Dome has been upgraded for your convenience. Due to the extensive use the dome gets and the number of people who seem to visit on a daily basis, the rooms have all been split in two (since they were already huge and, like a standard holodeck, has a wacky hammer space system anyway) so the number of available rooms have been doubled. Enjoy!

3) Everyone loved Featherbook, eh? Well, the journals have also received an upgrade as well… sort of. On the back of every journal in town, there is now a stiff cover and a screen on the inside, akin to a tablet. This screen displays nothing but snow and static for the moment (which you can turn off, thankfully), but this will change in the future. Try not to break it, they're very expensive!

4) Son of revenge of the passive shift from the black lagoon! The time shifts will be continued and are INTENSIFYING! (For reference, see previous time shift posts here and here.) Effects may also last longer, from hours to days at the discretion of players.
  • The matrix glitching: witnessing the same event happening multiple times
  • Ghosts: seeing characters that have been in the game in the past (but characters are unable to actually interact with them)
  • Total recall effects re-manifesting
  • Death penalty and Mallynap effects that the character has previously recovered from return!
  • Any time shifting that happened previously can occur again (short of actively time traveling)

These will continue for the foreseeable future.

5) Speaking of future, we have plans! Lots of them! Namely for the month of October. There is an event upcoming (details of which will be provided later) that will cause a serious stir and a LOT of changes around town. For example (a non-exhaustive list):
  • Buildings will change
  • Landscapes will change
  • The technology level may change
  • Missions will be temporarily unavailable
  • Mission points will be temporarily unusable
  • Kidnappings will temporarily cease

These changes are going to stick for a while, but are not permanent. During that time there is the potential for permanent long-term game effects, however, and that will be discussed more as we approach the plot. Because these changes to the town are going to last longer than your average event (approximately 1-2 months) we're announcing it now for this reason:

Whatever you want to do in Luceti as it exists at this time, do it now!

Player plots, mini events, missions, character posts - whatever you want to do. You have until October 1st, just over 2 weeks, to get it done. Certain changes will stick afterwards, so don't expect Luceti to be exactly as-is when it's over, but if you happen to miss your chance to do things now, don't panic. Just be patient.

That's all for now!


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